8 Summer Beauty Hacks You Need To Know

8 Summer Beauty Hacks You Need To Know


Hey guys, Kaelin here back with another guest post. It’s been a while and with Summer in full swing I wanted to chat about some of the beauty hacks I’ve been loving. It’s gotten crazy hot here in NYC over the past few weeks so I’ve been swearing by the hacks I’m chatting through below to keep my skin looking and feeling good. I hope you find them helpful…

1. Powder is your Bff

Since it’s officially that time of year where you have a constant S.U.L.A (name the movie ;)!) you are going to want a good powder to keep everything from slipping and sliding around your face. I swear by the Laura Mercier one and am quite generous with applying it to all of the areas that easily get sweaty & oily. Trust me, it actually really works!

2. Double The SPF

SPF is the most important thing in your makeup bag always! So even if your foundation or tinted moisturizer has SPF in it I recommend applying one underneath. Often times the SPF in these products are not as strong as you think. You’ll thank yourself in years to come. I’m currently using the Supergoop glow screen and LOVE it!

3.  Switch To Waterproof

Waterproof mascara might be a little trickier to take off but if you have watery eyes like me you may want to switch for the Summer months. We’ve all been there when our mascara has transferred on to our lids or under our eyes and I personally find that happens a lot less when it’s waterproof. This Lancome one is a favourite of me!

4. Always Set

Another one of my favourite ways to get my makeup to last during Summer is by using a setting spray. A lot of people tend to skip this step but it really is like hairspray for your face. The Urban Decay all nighter is my holy grail!

5. Experiment with Upstyles

If you have long thick hair like me I really recommend experimenting with some up-styles this Summer. I know it’s an obvious one but I’m so much more comfortable in the heat with my hair up. Keeping my hair down has definitely always been a comfort zone situation for me and makes me feel more me. However, cute claw clips like this one make experimenting more fun and I actually have found some new ways I love wearing my hair now.

6. Buy Some Hats

I find my scalp gets very irritated in the heat so I’ve also invested in some cute hats for the Summer. Wearing one is also a great way to protect your face too. I’m loving bucket hats this year like this Nike style.

7. Gel It Up

My favourite all year round hack (but especially in Summer) is stealing my boyfriends hair gel to use on my brows. I’ve tried a lot of brow gels and I find that nothing keeps them in place like it. This one is great.

8. Refrigerate It

…And my last beauty hack but definitely not least is refrigerate it. Referring to all of your face masks & moisturizers. The heat makes my skin super puffy and I find that this little trick does wonders. I also recently got an ice roller that I keep in the fridge and it’s so lovely to use too first thing in the morning.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully picked up some tips & tricks. Would love to hear if you try any :)

Chat soon,

x Kaelin


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