10 Black Owned Businesses To Support

10 Black Owned Businesses To Support

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I last chatted to you on here. Considering everything going on I decided to pause my usual blog posts last week in order to not distract from more important information being shared online. There’s no denying that it was a heavy and intense week but such an important one. I think we all learned a lot including myself. It definitely opened up my eyes and made me ask myself what can I do and how can I help. All week I’ve been sharing information and having conversations with many of you over on my Instagram but now it’s time to make sure I am doing that across all of my platforms and continuing the conversation.

There is so many different things that we can all do to help. One of them is supporting black owned businesses. Not only does doing this help these companies in the middle of an already financially stressful time, it also sends a message that you stand with the BLM movement. So today I’m going to highlight some black owned businesses I have either bought from or recently discovered. I know not everyone is in a position to shop right now and that’s completely understandable but the next time you are it would be great to consider these brands.


Such a wonderful haircare brand that I have loved and used for quite a while now. Founded by a woman named Nancy Twine who also moved to NYC in here twenties – I love the story behind the brand. The deep conditioning mask is one of my favourite products if you want to try one.


This luxury accessories brand was one of my favourite discoveries over the past week thanks to the many people sharing black owned businesses. They sell such beautiful unique pieces. Trust me you will love them! This bag is so good.


Known for their lip scrub and very instagrammable retinol eye masks, this brand is so fun and one a lot of you told me about it during the week. You know I love my skincare products so I’m seriously excited to try some of their products.


The owner of this brand is actually a follower of mine which makes me extra excited to share it with you. She specializes in really fun tie-dye pieces which we all know are so on trend right now. I went ahead and bought this fab blue sweater. So excited for it to arrive!


Being interiors obsessed this is one of my favourite brands to chat to you about. I got to know the brand after falling in love with this painting last year. I absolutely love their pieces and definitely want to invest in one of them for my own home some day.


During quarantine I’ve been browsing on Etsy more than ever, as you do, and recently came across this vintage shop. I’ve always been obsessed with vintage pieces and this shop has the best finds. I’m already eying up so many of them! How chic is this suit?!


Next up is a Brooklyn based candle company called The Koop. Not only are these candles so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing but they are also so affordable. I will definitely be purchasing some the next time I need a candle stock up.


Another brand that I have drooled over forever is TOVE. It is clothing brand that produces the most stunning contemporary pieces. Founded by two women who have years of experience in the industry and wanted to create timeless clothing. How perfect is this white Summer dress!


Another clothing brand I wanted to highlight is Cushnie. Designed & founded by Carlie Cushnie. Her pieces just scream glamour and she also specializes in the most stunning bridal wear for any future brides that are still looking for the perfect dress. I can’t praise this brand enough!


And last but certainly not least this gorgeous jewellery brand called Oma The Label. The minute I dicovered them and went on to their site I fell in love with their gorgeous gold jewellery selection. So many stunning statement pieces. I particularly love this ring!

This is only a handful of the amazing black owned businesses out there so please feel free to comment below any others you personally love and I can add them in with time. My aim is for this post to be somewhere you can come when you feel like treating yourself to something new. Lets all support each other and bit by bit make the world a much more inclusive place.

Take care & chat soon,

x Erika


  1. Katie

    10 June

    A great way to support the black community! Also a beautiful selection of designers.

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