Creative Activities To Try During Quarantine

Creative Activities To Try During Quarantine

Hey guys, it’s Kaelin here again! Throughout this whole experience I’ve found myself just wanting to create and learn new things. I’m not sure where this coping mechanism has come from but to be honest it’s been really great & helpful. So today I wanted to share some ways you can get creative to pass the time during this quarantine. There are so many different things you can do this – here are a few:

DIY Your Clothes

I’ve seen so many people do this one over on Tik Tok especially. People have been bleaching one side of their jeans to get that two toned look. Sweatpants all over are getting tie dyed. And I’ve also seen people cutting up old tops and dresses that don’t love anymore to create a new piece. I love this idea and definitely want to take part. I’m currently looking at this tie dye kit to DIY this affordable sweatpants & top I just ordered.

Bake Something New

I think everyone in the world has baked baked a banana bread at this stage haha but we could definitely be doing something worse with our time. Erika & I have both been enjoying baking during quarantine. I recently wrote this blog post sharing  4 great recipes you can try if you feel like this is the activity that would suit you best. I also spotted this baking kit on Amazon if you need some equipment.

Grab A Paintbrush

An activity I would love to try during quarantine but haven’t got around to quite yet is painting. I’ve never been very artsy but it looks like such a calming past time and it would be very fun to create a painting for your home or apartment. I’m eyeing up this really affordable painting set to give me the push to try this out.

Take Pictures Or Create A Video

You already know I love to take pictures and videos so this is an obvious one for me. I actually started a challenge over on my Instagram to called #KreateWithKaelin to encourage people to have fun creating content at home. Whether it’s taking some photos while you are baking in your kitchen or putting together a video montage from a trip you took last year. This really is the perfect time. It would also be a great time to take some pictures with your family if you are quarantining together. This disposable camera would be great to capture any memories you are making together. You could also print some photos from your phone to make a gallery wall using this printer.

Do Some At Home Beauty Procedures

With all the nail salons and hairdressers closed right now its time to do a little DIY in the beauty department. I personally couldn’t look at my nails anymore so I went ahead and bought an at home dip powder kit. It was so easy to use and it actually went a lot more seamlessly than I thought it would. I filmed how it went for my YouTube Channel so if you are interested I will have that video up over the weekend. There is also some great kits to dye your eyebrows if you are in need of getting them done too. I’ve used this Ardell one in the past and found it quite good.

I really hope this list inspired you to get creative this weekend. If you do end up posting anything on Instagram I would love for you to use the hashtag #KreateWithKaelin so I can check it out.

Chat soon,

x Kaelin


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