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Hi everyone, I really hope you are keeping well and safe. We’re officially into week 4 of quarantine. I’m grateful that we’ve made it to this point as I think the shock & re-adjustment was probably one of the biggest hurdles. Now we just need to keep as positive as possible which really is the most important thing. I hope that you have gotten used to working at home – hopefully some of my tips helped if you found it difficult at first. As I mentioned in that post one of the things that helps me most is to get ready in the morning as normal. Look good feel good as they say. To help with that I thought I would share some work from home outfit ideas. For me comfort is definitely important but I also need to feel put together. You’d be surprised at the difference it make to your productivity. So below I’ve linked some options if you do need help finding some. Hopefully you spot one you like.

I love this oatmeal top & bottoms set – it looks so comfy but also so chic. I would definitely be able to wear each piece with other items I have in my wardrobe too. This V neck jumper caught my eye too – perfect to pair with jeans or sweats and another piece you could definitely dress up when this is all over. A good selection of tank tops is a must when working from home too. Especially when the weather heats up. I live in styles like this black one and it comes in white too. And last but definitely not least my best investment for working from home would have to be my UGG slippers. I promise you won’t regret this purchase. If you do invest go for the coquette style rather than the scuffette. I’ve had both and the coquette is way comfier and durable.

I would love to hear from you if there are particular posts you want to see on here over the next while. You can comment below and send a DM or email. It’s definitely a priority for me to use my platforms to be as helpful as possible during this time. So be sure to reach over if you want me to cover something specific.

Take care and I will chat to you soon,

x Erika

P.S You can catch up on my latest VLOG here!


  1. Sara

    6 April

    The top and bottom oatmeal looks so cosy! Need to find some nice working from home outfits.

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