Valentines Day – Date, Gift & Outfit Id...

Valentines Day – Date, Gift & Outfit Ideas

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Hey everyone! I hope your week is off to a good start. Last week a few of you got in touch about Valentines Day date ideas in New York so I thought I would cover the topic in todays post. I know not all of you are in New York so I’m going to share some universal date night ideas and include some of my personal favourite spots in new York. As a side note I’m usually not this organized when it come to Valentines day but I’m trying my best to plan ahead more this year so hopefully you are on the same page as me.  It’s also falling on a Friday this year which means it might be harder to get reservations etc. So this will hopefully help you to feel more organized. I also think you to look forward to it a little more when you plan a date in advance.

1.Romantic Dinner

I think this is mine & Tommy’s favourite kind of date always. You really can’t beat a nice dinner especially if you’re like me and don’t love to cook haha! Some of my favourite spots to eat with Tommy in New York include:

  • Marta – Our go-to. I dream about the pizza!
  • Fig & Olive – I like this one a little more than Tommy but I would still highly recommend it. The food & service is great!
  • Campagnola – My favourite Italian restaurant in the UES. The live piano sets for the best atmosphere and the menu is so great too.
  • Cecconi’s – Another really great Italian restaurant in DUMBO. Request a seat with at the front if you can – the best view of Manhattan.
  • Banc Cafe – Always a reliable option if you love hearty food and espresso martini’s.

2. Couples Massage

Such a lovely idea for a date! We do these every now and again and it’s always so enjoyable. Some spas in New York that I would recommend are:

  • The Couple Spa – nothing super fancy about it but great value and a really nice massage.
  • Aire Ancient Baths – I’ve been dying to try this spot. Tommy actually got me a voucher for Christmas so I might book it for Valentines.
  • Caudalie Vinotherpie Spa – I’ve been here before and loved my experience.

3. Luxurious Cinema Trip

I think everyone enjoys a trip to the cinema but for a special occasion I like to make the usual trip a little more luxurious. Thankfully in New York we are spoiled with some very extra Cinemas to help me do so. These cinemas usually feature recliner couches, lots of drink options, a vaeriety of dinner/snack options and servers so you don’t even have to leave your seat. Some of the best ones include:

  • IPIC – I’ve been a few times and would definitely recommend it.
  • Village East Cinema – Although I haven’t been to this one I love the look of it and it’s in a very fun area.
  • Chelsea Cinepolis – Friends of mine have highly recommended this cinema to me so its’ on my list. Looks really nice!

4. Coffee & A Chat

Simple but oh so effective. I don’t know about you but one of my all time favourite things to do is go for a coffee with Tommy at the weekend and just put away our phones for a while. There’s a lot to be said for it. If you have busy schedules the week of Valentines it could be a great date option. Some of my favourite coffee spots in New York are:

  • McNally Jacksons – Our favourite local spot! Just like something out of a movie with it’s own bookstore attached. Amazing coffee too :)
  • Ralphs Coffee – My old go-to weekend spot in the UES. So nice and right next to CP too if you want to incorporate a stroll into the date.
  • Bluestone Lane – A really cool Australian cafe and they are all over the city! Lots of delicious food options too!
  • Maison Kayser – Another favourite of mine. A french spot with great coffee. The UES location is my favourite.

5. Workout Class

And last but not least, (probably not everyones first choice but a good one if you are on a 2020 health buzz like us). Workout classes are definitely something I’m growing to love this year so why not drag your parter along to one of your favourites. Another alternative would be to do a hike or a cycle together. That way if you do go for a dinner or drink after you’ll enjoy it ten times more. My go-to classes that I do each month are:

  • Rumble – I’m currently doing a 4 week challenge and loving it. Tommy enjoys it too so it’s a great one for couples to do together.
  • Shadowbox – Another boxing class that we both really enjoy.
  • Barry’s Bootcamp – Definitely not a walk in the park but again one that both me & Tommy enjoy. I always see results from it too.


…And while I’m focusing on Valentines day I thought I would include some outfit & gift ideas too. Seeing as it’s just over two weeks away I thought this might be helpful as well if you are ordering online.


Let me know if you enjoyed this post and I can definitely do more for other holidays/occasions coming up. And have an amazing Valentine’s day :)

Chat soon,

x Erika


  1. Nina

    28 January

    Loved the post, good suggestions!

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