The Best Free Things To Do In NYC

The Best Free Things To Do In NYC

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend :) We had a really chilled one and it snowed on Saturday which was such a treat (I shared pictures on my Instagram if you want to see). This year Tommy and I have been trying to make better decisions when it comes to spending money at the weekends because lets face it, living in New York is expensive enough as it. And I must say it’s made us realize how many fun things you can do in this city for free. One of my most asked questions is ‘What are the best things to to do in New York’. So, with these two things in mind I thought I would share the best free things to do in NYC. You will definitely be surprised at some of the things listed below so I really hope you find it helpful if you live here or are visiting soon.

1. People watch at the model boat pond in Central Park – without a doubt one of my favourite places in the whole city. A peaceful escape from the craziness of the city,

2. Do a free workout class – there are lots of free workouts you can do in the city. I recommend signing up to Classpass as you get 35 complimentary points to try some classes for free. You can simply cancel then if you are only visiting.

3. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and take in the views in DUMBO – my top suggestion for anyone visiting New York. Seriously the best views and DUMBO is such a gorgeous spot with even more amazing views once you get there.

4. Listen to the piano in Washington Square Park my second favourite park in the city is WSP and there is almost always a pianist playing there who is so lovely to sit down and listen to for a while.

5. Walk the High Line the high line is on the west side of the city with more great views. A really nice thing to do in Spring, Summer & Autumn. Winter can be a little bit windy beware.

6. Go on a free tour of the New York Public Library the public library is such a beautiful building and I’ve heard you can do a free tour at 11 AM and 2 PM on Monday through Saturdays and at 2pm on Sundays. Definitely worth a shot if you are in the area.

7. Kayak For Free currently you can kayak for free from the Downtown Boathouse and Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse. This is such a fun a thing to do during the Summer months and a great way to get active too. Need to check this off my list this year.

8. See the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry this is one of the best hacks when coming to New York on holiday. A lot of people pay to go and see the Statue of Liberty but there is no need when you can jump on the Staten Island Ferry for free and see the same view.

9. Stroll around Soho to the West Village even though there is lots of touristy things to do in NYC sometimes it’s the less spoken about things like strolling around neighborhoods that you will remember. Soho & the West Village are two of my favourites which lots of cool shops, restaurants and houses to see along the way. You’ll feel like you’ve walked into an episode of SATC.

10. Visit the Met Museum if you have a NY ID or proof of address you can actually get into the Met Museum without paying the usual fee. It is advised to donate but it can be as little as $5. Definitely worth it in my opinion and a place you could spend hours.

11. Bring a picnic to Bryant Park another one of my favourite parks and the perfect one for a picnic (especially in Spring) In the Summer they also show big screen movies on Monday nights for free. A must do in my opinion!

12. Pay your respects at the 9/11 memorial the memorial is always free to visit, and the National September 11 Memorial Museum is free on Tuesdays after 5 p.m.

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