My Best Purchases Of 2019

Hey everyone – I hope your week is going well! We’re officially well into 2020 and I would actually love for January to slow down a little. Things are definitely starting to get busy again and before the rest of the month flies I wanted to share this post. This week I finally got around to listing my very best purchases in 2019. This is a post I know you have enjoyed previous years so I thought I would put them together for you. Last year I was able to invest in some really special pieces I thought I would share with you why I love them…

Chanel Watch

Another recent addition to my designer collection is my Chanel Watch. I didn’t actually purchase this one but really wanted to include it. You may remember that Vestiaire Collective gifted me the watch just before Christmas and when I say I’m obsessed, I mean it. It was my goal in 2019 to invest in a luxury watch and when I saw it I knew it was the one. Here is a link to the exact watch if you love it too. Definitely something I will have forever!

Dior Bag Strap

Kicking it off with one of my last purchases in 2019 but definitely one of my very favourite – my Dior bag strap. You may remember I got my Dior saddle bag at the end of 2018 and was contemplating buying the strap for it ever since. So in December I finally bit the bullet and I cannot believe how much wear I have gotten out of it already. It allows me to wear the bag more casually and it’s so comfortable too. I would highly recommend it if you already have the bag.

Jimmy Choo Boots

Another purchase I made towards the end of 2019 were my Jimmy Choo boots (you may remember I bought them in the wrong size first) These were boots I couldn’t stop thinking about for months so I decided to invest in them and have not regretted it since. Although they are snakeskin I still find them really versatile to style – I’m even wearing them today. I love the wide leg on the them and the skinny heel makes them so chic in my opinion.

YSL Belt

Sticking on the luxury accessory front I had to include my YSL belt. Definitely another investment piece but one I feel I’ve already got my cost per wear on. It instantly adds something to any outfit I pair it with and I love it’s simplicity as well. Can’t recommend it enough!

Judith & Charles Blazer

Last year I finally invested in a good quality black blazer from a brand called Judith & Charles and I have not looked back since. For years I had a black blazer from Zara and it definitely served me well but I must say the quality was just never 100% great and for me, someone who wears a black blazer so much, I just needed an upgrade. I wanted something that I would have for years and this blazer is definitely that. The fit is so amazing and it feels so comfortable to wear. It’s definitely an important staple in my wardrobe.

Marble Coffee Table

Since we moved in 2019 I bought quite a few new pieces of furniture but the one that stands out in my mind the most is my Marble Coffee Table. I bought it from a brand called Frances & Son and it’s without a doubt my favourite piece in our apartment. It was definitely a huge investment but I know it will come to every other apartment we move to from here on in.

Cream Couch

Another piece in our apartment that I’m so so happy with is my couch from Article. It was the first piece we bought when we moved in and it really shaped the aesthetic in the place. I love how it fit in the space and it’s very comfortable too which is of course very important. I also found this similar more affordable option if any of you are on the hunt but the article one is outside your budget.

Hermes Sandals

These were something I had been lusting after for as long as I can remember and they 100% lived up to the hype. I bought my brown Hermes Sandals at the beginning of Summer 2019 and I literally wore them most days over the following months. I also lived in them during any trips I took. I can’t wait to wear them again this Summer already. Here is a link to my pair and I also found some second hand pairs here & here on Vestiaire Collective if you are interested.

UGG Slippers

I think I’ve talked enough about my UGG slippers at this stage to prove how much I love them haha! Because I work from home I live in these slippers. They are so so comfortable and cosy, especially right now when it’s freezing outside. they have also stopped me from buying new slippers every few months which I so appreciate. If you haven’t already made the investment, do it – you won’t regret it!


And last but definitely not least. In 2019 I made a huge effort to grow my cashmere collection. Thanks to brands like M&S, Blarney Woolens and White & Warren I was able to acquire some new pieces and since doing so I’ve began to appreciate quality over quantity so much. These days when I want to buy a new jumper or scarf I instantly opt for cashmere if I can. It’s definitely an investment but one I know I’ll be happy I made in years to come. This roll neck is one of my favourite cashmere pieces that I have and a must have staple if you are interested in shopping cashmere.

I hope you enjoyed this more chatty post about my best purchases of 2019. I’m definitely aware that a lot of these pieces are big investments. However, I’m so grateful to be in a position to be able to save up for them as I know they are pieces I will get so much use out of and in return hopefully get my cost per wear back on. If you have any other questions about any of these pieces you can always DM me on Instagram (@retroflame)

Chat soon & have a great weekend,

x Erika


  1. Sara

    27 January

    The Dior bag strap is so fab!!

  2. Donna

    27 January

    Classic items are worth the investment without a doubt I love all these items. Definitely going to get the slippers I have Cashmeer jumpers and they last me for years once you look after them.

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