Kaelin’s Top 8 Makeup Products For Summer

Kaelin’s Top 8 Makeup Products For Summer


Hey guys, Kaelin here again. I am so happy to be back with another guest post and even more excited to be chatting about makeup with you today. Summer is officially here and for me that always marks a shift in the makeup products I use. I would definitely consider myself a creature of habit when it comes to certain products in my collection. When I fall in love with something I find it hard to move away from it. However when a new season comes around, especially Summer, I always feel like changing things up and switching over to my more Summer suitable products. Since moving to New York and adjusting to a hotter temperature during the Summer months I’ve found certain things that I swear by and I really wanted to share them with you. These products would also be really great for any holidays you might have coming up too. So let’s get right into it.


First & foremost if you do not have a liquid highlighter/illuminator in your makeup bag for Summer, you need one! This is one of my used products all year round but especially during Summer. My very favourite is the ‘strobe cream’ from MAC which I always describe as a moisturiser & highlighter mixed together. This leaves your skin looking really healthy & glowy. You can apply this right before your foundation or a quicker application option is to mix it in with your foundation – I prefer that way. If you want to try this I would recommend purchasing the travel size option to see if you like it before committing to the full size. Another products I am dying to try is the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Flawless Filter. I have such heard great things about it.


Everyone likes to look a little more sun-kissed during Summer. I personally never sunbathe because I’m quite fair so instead I resort to fake tan & lots of bronzer. I really love using cream bronzers in particular and my favourite is the Chanel Bronze Universal. This product is not cheap but it is so beautiful and a little goes a long way so it lasts forever. I couldn’t recommend it more. If you are more of a powder bronzer lover I use ‘Hoola’ from Benefit and it’s a firm favourite of mine. It’s also really nice to wear as an eyeshadow. You can get this in travel size too to and that size lasts for so long so it’s a very affordable bronzer option in my opinion.


During Summer it gets really hot here in NYC and foundation just doesn’t feel comfortable to wear everyday. So I switch over to a tinted moisturizer with SPF in it. The SPF being the key part. One of my all time favourites that I’ve been using for years is the ‘Lightful C SPF 30 tinted cream’ from MAC. It has really great coverage compared to other ones I’ve tried which I love. Another one I use on a regular basis is the Urban Decay ‘Naked Skin’ which is also a great option – it also has great coverage but feels a little lighter on your skin. Erika swears by this IT COSMETICS one too which is currently on my wishlist.


This is one of my favourite makeup hacks. I personally think powder highlighter can a little much for everyday wear or at least the ones I have as I love a pretty intense one when I do wear it. So I started wearing blushers that have highlighter in them. This gives you the healthiest look and it’s definitely the thing I get most asked about when I’m wearing it. I swear by ‘Fairly Precious’ from MAC. It’s not only a beautiful peachy pink colour but the formula wears really well too. Definitely try it on next time you are in a store.


On a day to day basis during Summer I like to keep my eye makeup quite simple and let my skin do the talking. Because of that I love to opt for brighter lipsticks. Particularly red/orange tones. My Summer go-to is this liquid lipstick from MAC. I know they are not the cheapest lipsticks out there but this formula literally stays on all day and the blush applicator makes it really easy to apply. I find that you really don’t even need a lipliner with it which is so handy.


Another must have Summer makeup product for me is tinted brow gel. I have pretty full brows but they are naturally quite light so I find this product great. If you haven’t heard of it before it is basically mascara for your brows. It shapes them and keeps them in place all day. If you have darker brows you can also get clear options. My favourite right now is the Glossier Boy Brow – I love that the brush is quite small which allows you to be really precise with application.


Although I love a more dewy look during Summer I definitely still need to use powder on a daily basis as I have some oily patches. For quite a while now my go-to has been the Laura Mercier ‘Translucent Powder‘. I just find this fantastic for keeping my makeup on and in place. Then for touch ups on the go the ‘Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder‘ from Charlotte Tilbury is great as it’ds more compact. That literally does leave your skin looking flawless. They are both a little on the more expensive side but I’ve tried & tested and in my opinion they are worth the money.


And last but not least to take away the powdery look from the powder I will have just applied and to double ensure my makeup will not move no matter how hot it is, I go in with setting spray. Two all time favourites of mine include the MAC ‘Fix +‘ & the Urban Decay ‘All Nighter‘ setting spray. For a long time I thought these were a myth with regards to keeping your makeup on longer but after using them on a very regular basis for the last few months I’ve seen such a difference. They both come in travel size (Fix+ / All Nighter) too so very handy for throwing in your bag to refresh your makeup throughout the day.

I hope this post helps you with any makeup shopping you need to do for the Summer. If you have any questions about any of the products I mentioned feel free to DM me over on Instagram (@Kaelin_Fox)

Chat to you in my next guest post :)

Kaelin x


  1. Ciara

    5 June

    How would you recommend applying the Chanel brozner, I’m so tempted but unsure on how to apply, with a brush a sponge or hands?

    • I like to apply it with a dense brush but you could definitely use a sponge too. :)

  2. Lara

    5 June

    Could you or Kaelin be specific in what brush would be best to use with the Chanel bronzer as I’m going to buy the bronzer and a suitable brush, thanks so much, love the above tips.

    • Hi there, I would recommend the Real techniques Complexion Blender brush or the 168 MAC brush :)

  3. Ingrid

    5 June

    I use most these products and couldnt be without them,there all amazing😍

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