6 Things I Loved This Month

Something Navy Dress // Spell & The Gypsy Hat 

Hi everyone – I hope you are all doing well! Today I felt like writing something fun for the blog and this idea came to mind. I did a post like this last year where I chatted about items I was loving that particular month and lots of you seemed to enjoy it. So, I thought it was time to do it again. This month has been the fastest this year by far. I feel like we were just celebrating Kaelin’s birthday yesterday (which was June 4th) and now it’s almost July – aaahhh how!? But despite how quick it went I do have a lot of favourites to share so let’s get into them…


I think we all have that one drink every Summer that is our go-to at all parties, occassions etc. This year frosè is definitely mine – I am obsessed! It is so refreshing and easy to drink (probably too easy). You need to try it if you get the chance or make it yourself at home, it’s super easy. All you need it rose, ice and a blender.


Very late to the party here but I am so happy I started watching this show on Netflix. It is honestly hilarious and if you are from the countryside in Ireland like me, I know you will love it too. The cast are so good, especially Tommy Tiernan. I’m already dying for the next season to come out.


Most of you know by now that I am a Rimmel Ambassador this year and while this post isn’t sponsored I have been working on content for my YouTube Channel & Instagram to promote some of their new launches this year. One being their ‘Wonder’full brow mascara’ which I am really loving. You can wear it as a brow gel over the product you use right now or you can apply it by itself which I am finding great. Really handy if you are in a rush. Especially since its gotten quite hot here as it is really long lasting. Definitely give it a try next time you see it in a store.


At the end of last month I treated myself to Airpods after resisting them for long enough and its safe to say I now fully understand the hype attached to them. They really are so handy especially for the gym which I use them for mostly. I know they aren’t cheap but I would definitely recommend them. They are much more comfortable than any other headphones I’ve tried.


Definitely the most random one on the list but I had to include them haha! Earlier this month Tommy & I made rice crispy bars (you might remember from my IG stories) and ever since I cannot stop eating them. I honestly forgot how good they are. Nothing beats a nice bowl of cereal!


And last but not least I bought two new pairs of shoes this month and they have been on repeat in rotation ever since. One being my new Dior slides. I had been lusting over these for so long so I decided to finally give in and I have zero regrets. They are so comfortable and because of that I have gotten so much wear out of them so far this Summer. The second pair are these gorgeous strappy sandals from Topshop. The perfect Summer shoe – they literally go with everything and didn’t break the bank either which is always a bonus.

Really hope you enjoyed this random round up of 6 things I’m loving this month. If you like these kind of posts I can definitely do them more frequently – just let me know over on Instagram (@retroflame)

Chat soon,

x Erika


  1. Siobhan

    26 June

    Absolutely love Rice Krispies and coco pops!

    I want to try Frose so bad! Love these posts

  2. LULLY

    4 July

    I have been on the fence about Airpods since they’re not cheap but you convinced me. Going to get them now… Thank you for posting, Erika!

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