12 Things I Use Every Day

Happy Monday everyone. For those you enjoying the bank holiday at home in Ireland I hope you are having a nice one and as always I’m very jealous – I definitely didn’t appreciate how many you get when I lived there haha! Today I wanted to kick off the content with a fun lifestyle post chatting about 12 things I use EVERY single day. I recently read a post similar to this and really enjoyed the insight into that persons daily favourites so I thought you might enjoy mine too. Let me know if the comments if there’s anything you can relate to? ;)


For sure my number one most used daily appliance is my coffee machine. If you’re an avid follower you will know I live for my morning coffee and Nespresso is definitely my favourite machine to use. I have the Nespresso Lattissima One by De’Longhi and really like it. Definitely one of my best purchases – I’ve certainly got the use cost per use out of it. I also recently order these reusable cups which I’ve been using each morning for my iced coffee (great for smoothies too). These metal straws are also a great option if you already have a cup you love.



This is the phone cover I use all the time and can’t recommend it enough. I drop my phone a million times each day and this always protects it so well. It’s definitely on the plainer side but to me it’s more important to avoid a cracked screen.



A huge part of my skincare regime every morning is my SPF. I never leave the house without it on! I can’t stress how important it is to wear it (even on the dull days) and my go-to one is always the Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50. You may have saw that I recently collaborated with Supergoop during Coachella and it’s been one of my favoruite collaborations so far this year. It’s a brand I organically fell in love with when looking for an oil free SPF that turned into a partnership. The best kind!



Kaelin got me UGG slippers for Christmas and I think I’ve worn them about everyday since. In New York especially I try not to wear shoes in our apartment as we all know it’s not the cleanest city. Which makes a good pair of slippers an essential. These to me are definitely worth the investment as they are the comfiest things I own.



I shoot for my Instagram/blog most days and also VLOG quite consistently (most of the time!) so I definitely use my camera at least once most days. I invested in the Canon EOS m6 a while back and it’s definitely one of the best cameras I’ve owned. In particular I love that it is great for both video & pictures which can be hard to find. I use a 22mm lens for shooting pictures and an 11-22mm for video.



You all know how much I wear & love my CLUSE watches. I’ve been a brand ambassador for almost 3 years now and genuinely love the watches. I definitely like to switch up the styles I wear every now and again but you can be guaranteed that I never leave the house without one on.



I always always always have a candle lighting in some part of my apartment. Growing up my mom had candles all over our house and it definitely rubbed off on me. Some of my favourites candle brands include Jo Malone, Diptique, Anthropologie & Esters Aromas.



Obviously, I shower every day so I had to include my favourite body wash which is the Rituals Foaming Shower Gel. I adore this stuff – it feels super luxurious and all the scents I’ve tried have smelled amazing without being too strong. If you are looking to try something new I would definitely recommend it.



I must admit that I’m definitely a creature of habit when it comes to makeup. When I find something I love I tend to stick to it. That has definitely been the case for the Rimmel Stay Satin liquid lipsticks. I really love this formula as it’s not drying and I’m obsessed with the shade ‘As If’ in particular. I definitely reach for this almost every day.



Although I don’t apply the Bperfect Cosmetics tan everyday, I do have it on most days especially right now coming into Summer. I recently started using their new Limited Edition 10 Seccond Strawberry Tanning Mouse and it’s quickly become my new favourite. The colour is such a nice shade and I find that it develops so fast which I appreciate as I sometimes like to do my tan in the morning instead of at night. If you do want to try out any of the Bperefect Cosmetics products I have a 20% discount code – it’s ‘Retro20’.



I use my headphone every single day whether I’m in the gym or editing a video – they are definitely another purchase I got my cost per wear with. Currently I’m using these AKG ones which I must say I’ve been loving. The sound is great and they are very comfortable to wear.



And last but not least I of course use my cardholder every single day. I keep my credit card, subway card, ID, money and lots of other things in there so it’s definitely something I have on me all the time. Especially because it’s almost impossible to leave your apartment in NYC without spending at least $20 haha! I have a Chanel one which I got for my birthday last year. However, these slightly more affordable YSL  , Fendi  & Prada Options are fab too!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into 12 things I use every day – I really enjoyed writing it :)

Chat soon,

x Erika

P.S I have a new Summer Haul live over on my YT channel in case you missed it!


  1. Kelly

    7 May

    My Otterbox phone cases have literally saved my phone a million times. They might not be that cute…but they’re oh so worth it. As much as I love coffee…I can’t get over the waste produced by Nespresso machines though. Hope you consider a different option! There are so many great other options that don’t use so much single-use plastic.

    • Hi Kelly,
      Thank you for reading :) Nespresso actually have a service where you bring back your pods to the store and they recycle them which I think it great – I do this all the time. x

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