5 Things You Should Be Doing in January

5 Things You Should Be Doing in January

River Island Coat

Cream Wide Leg Trousers (Similar HERE) // Faux Fur Jacket
Polo Neck (Similar HERE) // Boots (Similar HERE)  // Dior Bag // Celine Sunnies

Hi everyone! My first outfit post of the year for you & I’m excited to share this one. I love a good all-one-colour look and this one was super easy to create. I had the trousers since last year and paired them with this new faux fur coat from River Island and the handiest thin knit underneath (also from River Island and such a great basic to have). There’s just something I love so much about a look like this and I really feel like ‘me’ when I wear it. I’m determined to keep my style simple, classic & timeless in 2019 and this look has me off to a good start. Let me know in the comments if you also love this neutral style?

River Island CoatRiver Island CoatRiver Island Coat

You might have seen my ‘Dream 2019′ post already but if not, definitely check it out HERE. It’s where I set all my goals for the year in relation to my business, this blog, my relationships, travel plans & wellbeing and although it’s quite a personal post, lots of you say it helps you a lot so of course, I’m happy to share. As soon as I have that done then – the next step is actually getting the ball rolling. So how do we ACTUALLY get started? There are certain things I’m doing this week to get me on the right track, so I figured it could be helpful to share them with you too.

River Island CoatRiver Island Coat

1. Get Your Life in Order
Personally for me, I can’t even THINK about my big goals & plans until I get my actual life in order. So first up I clean/de-clutter my apartment from top to bottom. And I mean a DEEP de-clutter. My wardrobe, kitchen cabinets, storage room, vanity area…EVERY single drawer & corner. I don’t know why this helps me so much but it really really does. It gives me the clean slate I’m looking for. I will say though, it is a quite time-consuming task so if you’re like me and a little busy this week, split it up. Tackle it room by room in the evenings. I still have a good bit to do but I’m getting there and feel SO much better already.

2. Finances/Budgeting
Not the most exciting thing to be doing at the beginning of January (especially after expensive December) but I truly think having control over your finances at the beginning of the year will set you up for success. For example, this week I’m getting all my accounts & documents ready for my tax return here in the US (I did my Irish one while I was home in December). This is SUPER time-consuming when you work for yourself but I know the sooner I get it sorted at the beginning of the year, the more time I have then to focus on my financial goals for 2019. Finances are definitely something I haven’t talked a lot about here on the blog but something I would LOVE to introduce more this year. It took me a LONG time to get to the ‘saving stage’ (I lived pay cheque to pay cheque for my first 2 years in New York) but I’ve learned a lot over the last year or two and could definitely share some tips & tricks. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to do some finance/budgeting posts this year?

River Island Coat

River Island Coat

3. Organization Tools
Ok if you’re a long term follower, you’ll definitely know by now how much I love a good list. I truly believe it’s the key for me in getting things done and achieving my goals. So as I was writing my list of 2019 goals, at the same time, I looked online for an app where I could start breaking down & listing my tasks. As I said, it’s one thing to actually make all these plans, but the next step is the MOST important. Breaking the big goal into small tasks. So I found an app (with the help of my Instagram followers) called ‘Google Keep’ and I’m obsessed. It’s very simple, nothing too fancy but I just love how easy it is to use. I know we’re just a week into the new year, but it has honestly helped me so much already. Now I know everyone has different ways of being productive and some of you might hate this app/way – but definitely look into it anyway. There are loads out there. I also got lots of recommendations for ‘Wunderlist’.

4. Digital Detox 
I’m not going to tell you here to get off all social media platforms….what this one means is to detox your digital space ahead of a new year. Clear out your computer (delete all unnecessary files, organize folders), unfollow any accounts that don’t bring you value anymore, update your linkedin profile (if applicable). Give yourself a digital fresh start. Most of us spend A LOT of time on our phones/computers so make sure it’s a clutter-free, enjoyable space. This always makes me feel more at ease when working.

River Island Coat

5. Look After Yourself
And then finally, always remember that nothing will work to the best of it’s ability unless you’re functioning to the best of yours. So before anything else – book that doctor’s check up, sign up to that gym class that will keep you on track each week, make yourself drink more water every day, factor in time for a bath/face mask once a week, do a big food-shop full of healthy things, organize a coffee date at the weekend with someone who will make you forget to look at your phone, make time in the evenings to meal prep & anything else which will help you function at 100%. We all have very big goals & dreams to get to this year but make sure you mind & body are on board first.

River Island Coat

I really hope this helps you! It can often be daunting to get stuck into something but I guarantee that if you try some of the tips above, they’ll get your started on the right track. January is the month to set yourself up.

Hope you’re all having a great week!

Erika x

* Thank you to River Island for sponsoring this post.


  1. Kathleen Muckian

    9 January

    Some great ideas Erika👍 Finance and budgeting tips would go down a treat please and thank you. 😊 absolutely love the white/cream outfit 😍😍xx

  2. Ger

    9 January

    Would love to see more about financing and budgeting – so easy to save I’ll spend less but to actually do it is another thing. Thinking of getting my own apartment very soon but nervous that it will leave me icing pay cheque to pay cheque

  3. Donna

    9 January

    Finance and budgeting is a great idea , love the neutral colours perfection 👍👍

  4. Ciara

    9 January

    Would love to get some tips on finances and budgeting!

  5. Meghan

    10 January

    Yes to financial and budgeting! Great post Erika ✨⭐️

  6. Stacey

    10 January

    Would love some tips on budgeting / finance. Love the post, it really motivated me to start writing my goals down too!

  7. Marge

    12 January

    wohoo, you look like a snow princess, I like this pure white but it’s also very chic!! :)



  8. Katie

    24 January

    Please do some finance/saving blogs for your girl who is still living paycheck to paycheck !!


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