3 Days In Lisbon – What To Do, See & Ea...

3 Days In Lisbon – What To Do, See & Eat!

It’s been just over a week since we left Lisbon so I thought it was about time that I shared my recommendations from the trip. Lisbon had been on my list for quite a while so I was really happy to finally get the opportunity to visit. Since moving to New York I have definitely put European traveling on the back burner as there is so much to see here in the US. However, this year I decided it was time to make it a priority again. So many of you shared such great recommendations for Lisbon so, in return I wanted to let you in on my highlights from the trip in case any of you reading haven’t visited yet. I always appreciate recommendations when I visit a new place so I truly hope you find this post helpful if you are planning a trip to Lisbon..


  • We flew from JFK to Lisbon with Tap Air. I was lucky enough to collaborate with Tap Air during this trip to tell you about their new Portugal stopover program. The program gives you the opportunity of visiting two destinations for the price of one, enjoying a stay of up to 5 nights in Portugal (Lisbon or Porto). It was great to learn about this and I think it is such a great way to fit two new different places into one trip.



  • Rua das Portas de Santo Antão – This is a street packed with lots of restaurants and although it is quite touristy, it is a good place to start if you are super hungry when you arrived. We ate here the first night in a restaurant called Da Vinci and the food was great!


  • Nicolau – My friend Lorna had been here previously and loved it so I knew it had to be good. We went here for brunch and the food was SO tasty! I was disappointed that we did not have time to go back for dinner. The menu is amazing and they do brunch every day so it’s definitely a spot I would recommend. It is also located on a street called Rua De Sao where there are other great great restaurants too.


  • JNcQUOI – This was a restaurant that was recommended to me by one of my followers and definitely my highlight from our time in Lisbon. We went there for dinner on our last night and wow! The atmosphere, the decor, the food – everything was SO chic. It is definitely a little more on the expensive side but definitely worth it! The only thing we faulted was the service but this was the case in most of the restaurants we went to in Lisbon.


  • Mezon Andaluz – On our second night we weren’t very hungry so we opted for tapas. We didn’t have any recommendations so we decided to trust google and try this place. It was a little off the beaten track so we were a little hesitant but to our welcome surprise it was such a beautiful quaint spot. It was very busy when we arrived so they asked us to sit and wait on the steps next to the restaurant (as you will see in my picture below). We ordered drinks and the wait flew by. The food was tasty and I loved the atmosphere – definitely a hidden gem.




  • Park Bar – We had heard so much about this rooftop bar so we made sure to squeeze it in on our last night. I had read that it was a bar on top of a parking lot which it literally is. So much so that it was almost impossible to find haha! Thankfully we ran into some girls who knew it and helped us find the entrance. Which I’m glad we did because it had a very cool vibe, great music and good drinks. It also had a great view of the sunset over Lisbon!


  • Pharmacia – This a bar we stumbled across when we visited Bairro Alto. It used to be a hospital hence the name. The day we went there was super hot. So, we were looking for somewhere to cool off and grab a drink before changing for dinner and it was the perfect spot to do so. It has lots of outdoor seating with a view of the water which was a nice change.


  • Amorino – If you can still fit dessert after visiting one of the places I mentioned above, you have to try Amorino. This ice cream was SO good and the service was really nice. They even make your ice cream into a flower! It turns out there is one of in NYC too so I will definitely be checking that out soon.


  • Pasteis De Belem – This bakery is located in Belem and serves the famous ‘Patel De Natas’ which are Portugese egg tarts dusted with cinnamon. Everybody had recommended these but unfortunately, I didn’t love them. Kaelin really liked them though so definitely be sure to try one for yourself.




  • Penna Palace – Believe it or not, I had not known about Penna Palace before my trip to Lisbon. It is a romanticist castle on top of a hill in the Sintra Mountains. I think it may be my favorite ‘touristy’ thing I had ever been to. We were honestly all mesmerized by the place. It helped that it was an amazing spot for pictures too. 100% worth a visit!


  • Bairo De Alto – Bairro Alto is an area in Lisbon that we visited to see the famous ‘elevador da glória’ (see picture below). To our surpirse we loved Bairro Alto too and it was great to explore another area in Lisbon.


  • Belem Tower – Another very famous tourist attraction in Lisbon is Belem Tower. However, it didn’t blow me away and I found it a little touristy. It was still pretty though and again, a good spot for some pictures. However, if I was going back I probably wouldn’t return.


  • Sintra – I mentioned Sintra already when chatting about Penna Palace. It is the town it is located above which we really loved! It was very quaint and beautiful. We stopped for lunch on our way back from the Palace and fell in love. I would definitely want to spend more time there if I return.




  • Pricing/Currency – The currency in Lisbon is Euro and it is really inexpensive there. It is shocking how little it costs to eat out. A huge difference from New York as you can imagine and our mom even thought it was cheaper than Ireland.


  • Walking – Lisbon involves a LOT of walking so be sure to pack wisely when it comes to your shoe choices. You will thank me later!


  • Transport – While we were there the taxi’s were actually on strike so we got UBER quite often. It was very inexpensive and convenient so be sure to avail of it.


  • Exploring – The main piece of advice I will give you is to explore. I know it can be tempting to try and fit in as many touristy things in as possible. However, the thing I enjoyed most in Lisbon was exploring the various streets and coming across hidden gems. It truly is a fabulous city with so much culture!



Again, I hope you found this helpful and enjoyed seeing the photos and hearing my recommendations! We had such a lovely time there and I urge you to put it on your list. Also,  be sure to check out my VLOG from the trip too to see a better look at some of the places I chat about in this post. (Watch Below)

Chat soon,

x Erika


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