40 Pieces To Build The Perfect College Wardrobe

40 Pieces To Build The Perfect College Wardrobe

I know that a lot of you are probably trying to hang on to the last of Summer but it’s definitely time to start preparing for the new season. With that in mind, a new college/school year lies ahead for a lot of you I’m sure. I always loved buying some new pieces  for my wardrobe before I went back to College so today I wanted to dedicate my post to building the perfect college wardrobe. I’ve thought back to what I used to get a lot of wear out of during my college years as well as what I loved to wear and found lots of great items. I’ve linked a mixture of 40 items including clothing, accessories & shoes so I hope you spot something to pick up and hopefully it gets you more excited for going back or starting for the first time too.

To help you shop the items I’ve linked, I wanted to share some styling ideas for a few of the pieces…

  • It may be early to talk about coats but this camel one is definitely a key piece for anyones wardrobe, in my opinion. One of the ways I would style this is with a pair of black jeans, a polo neck & boots but of course you could style it SO many ways!
  • This black jumper is another piece that I just know I would reach for over and over. Again you can could pair this with jeans but I also think it would be nice with a skirt, tights and boots if you wanted to look a little more dressy.
  • I’ve mentioned a few times already that I am absolutely loving straight leg jeans right now. They are a nice change from skinny jeans and there is something very cool & chic about them. These ones would be fab with a slogan tee, cardigan & slip on shoes like these ones.
  • This duster is also something that I personally would have loved in my college wardrobe (they weren’t really in back then!) It’s the perfect piece to pop over a dress or jeans and a top. It would also be a good substitute for a coat when it’s a bit hotter out
  • …And lastly, I LOVE this dress! I would style this with a white shirt underneath and a pair of boots. I wore a similar outfit to this recently and I honestly think it is the perfect outfit to have in your college wardrobe!

I hope that those of you heading back to college/school found this post helpful. Good luck with the year ahead and enjoy it, they are honestly some of the best years!!

Chat soon,

x Erika


  1. Diego Lopes

    27 August

    Love the style that goes into this kind of clothing fashion. Can’t get enough.

  2. Katya

    31 August

    This is really helpful! I like the collection. Everything is awesome!

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  3. Charlie

    4 September

    Even though I am not a college kid anymore this is still a great roundup of all kinds of great items young ladies should have in their wardrobe to make some great outfits!

  4. Sylvie Krossin

    28 September

    Looking fantastic in this daytime glamorous outfit! Love the collection!

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