8 Habits That Can Change Your Life This Week

8 Habits That Can Change Your Life This Week

River Island Dress

River Island Dress (US Link) (EU Link) // Similar Sunglasses // Similar Heels

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Not going to lie, mine was a chilled & lazy one which I absolutely loved. I’ve been away the past few weekends so it was so nice to have a no-plan weekend in the city. I wandered around, had dinner with the girls, caught up on Power (I’m obsessed) and also spoke on a panel at #HerConference yesterday. It was a talk all about video & vlogging and I was so delighted when I was asked to be involved. It definitely motivated me to keep doing even more video and I now have so many ideas for when I’m back in Ireland next month. Do you follow along on my Youtube channel? If not, definitely have a look and hopefully you’ll find something that you like.

Now onto the outfit. I wore this dress for the first time last week here in New York and absolutely loved it. I added my own vintage belt and actually pinned the opening (never be afraid to switch up pieces) and paired it with my trusty YSL heels and Chanel bag. It’s such a classic piece and I can’t wait to style it more ways too. If you’re on the search for one more Summer dress, definitely look into this one.

River Island Dress

River Island Dress

Right before I sat down to share this post, I was doing my usual Monday morning browsing on Pinterest and came across something which I thought was amazing. I use Pinterest for outfit/interiors inspiration but also love browsing through the quotes that pop up on my feed. I save all my favorite ones here, if you ever want to take a look. This morning I came across one which shared ‘8 Things That Change Your Life in One Year’ and honestly, each of the 8 things were so spot on. But also 8 habits that can start changing your life THIS WEEK. I truly believe there’s no time like the present to improve your life, so I wanted  to share them with you in this post today. We all need that little bit of motivation & guidance on a Monday….

1. Stop complaining and appreciate how lucky you are EVERY day. 
2. Embrace loneliness and reinvent yourself in the process.
3. Say goodbye to the people that don’t bring positive energy into your life.
4. Turn off the TV and set limits for your time on the internet.
5. Pick ONE skill you want to cultivate and put all your effort into developing it.
6. Commit to the goals you set and don’t look back. 
7. Sweat every day to boost your mood.
8. Fall Forward. Learn from every mistake you make.

River Island Dress

They all sound pretty simple, right? But so so effective once carried out. For example this week, when you meet up with friends, try your hardest not to gossip about other people or complain about what happened at work. When you leave to go home, you’ll actually be amazed at the difference in your energy. Energies are contagious. So if you’re putting out a negative energy, that’s exactly what you’re going to get back. I’m extremely fussy about who I spend my time with for this exact reason. Also, get outside or to the gym for just 15 mins every day this week. Literally just 15 minutes. Give your body that boost…it’s the least you can do for it and you’ll feel better for doing it every. single .time.

River Island Dress

Small changes done over & over again, result in a huge impact on your life. We can all keep telling ourselves we’ll start eventually or we can just decide to start right now. Why not?

I hope this gave you a little boost this Monday and even if you just start with one of these changes (try the no complaining one) and really stick to it, I truly believe you’ll feel different. I myself am really going to be strict about these 8 habits this week (especially the limit on internet time for me) and if you’re interested, I can let you know in a post next week the big changes I saw.

Send me a message if there’s anything else you swear by and I’ll see you again tomorrow for a new video.

Have a great week everyone!
Erika x

*Thank you to River Island for partnering on this post.


  1. Sheila

    23 July

    Yes! Small and attainable tweaks to your everyday life are the key moving forward and being successful. Something that I learned this year and have been putting into practice and have noticed tremendous change in myself and my life!

    x Sheila

  2. Emer

    24 July

    Erika, this is AMAZING! I am definitely going to do this. When I meet up with my work friends alot of time is spent giving out about certain colleagues/managers and it would drain you complaining all the time, so definitely going to try focus my energies on more positive things in work going forward! :) xx

  3. golu dolls

    30 July

    looking good

  4. Marg

    2 August

    You are gorgeous! Your write-up is very helpful too.

  5. Love, love, love this outfit. So classy and the photos are just stunning! Beautifully shot!

  6. Chelsey Bobby

    12 August

    In love with your super amazing photos! The color is too perfect.

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