The Best NYC Hotels

The Best NYC Hotels

It’s safe to say one of my most asked question’s I get is ‘What hotel do you recommend in NYC?’ While I would love to be able to reply to every single message, I often miss some. So today I wanted to take the time to write a post about the Best NYC Hotels. Obviously, because I live here, I don’t get the chance to stay in many of the hotels. So because of that I can’t give you a comprehensive review of each one that I recommend. However, I have had the chance to stay in a few and test out some of the restaurants/bars/rooftops in a lot of them. This, along with speaking to some of my friends who live here, has helped me to narrow it down to some of the best hotels to stay in while visiting NYC. I’ve broken up my recommendations into the different neighborhoods you can stay in and why I recommend each area. I truly hope you find this post helpful.


Seeing as I live in the Upper East Side, I am definitely a little biased when I say that it is one of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC. It’s a little quieter than downtown, so safe & really has such character everywhere. Also, with it being so close to the park, it’s a great place to stay if you want to be a little more active throughout your trip. It has a great selection of restaurants & cafes and it’s also close to the MET museum which is a must see.

The Best Hotels In New YorkThe Mark

DECOR: The marble white & black striped lobby floor had me in love with the hotel at first sight.

VIBE: Fancy and chic – Anna Wintour stays there quite regularly.

PRICE: $$$

WHY I LOVE: They provide on demand pedicab’s for all guests to Bergdorf Goodmans. These little gestures always win me over!

The Best Hotels In NYC
The Carlyle

 DECOR: Contemporary & elegant – like stepping into old New York!

VIBE: Very luxurious! It was a favorite of both Jackie O & Lady Diana.

PRICE: $$$

WHY I LOVE: Kaelin & I love to go there for breakfast. The service & food are always amazing!


Midtown is definitely one of the busiest places to stay in New York but the location is very convenient for most tourist attractions. You will be close to fifth avenue, the Empire State building, the Rockefeller building  & Times Square. If you want to be in the middle of the hustle & bustle this location is for you!

The Best Hotels In NYC The Plaza Hotel

DECOR: Definitely more contemporary but very classic. The champagne bar is beautiful!

VIBE: You almost feel like you’re in a film from the moment you walk in.

PRICE: $$$$

WHY I LOVE: It’s an amazing people watching spot and it always reminds me of my love for New York!

The Best NYC Hotels48 Lex

DECOR: Modern & clean.

VIBE: Perfect for anyone visiting for the first time due to it’s prime location. It is exactly what you need in an NYC hotel.


WHY I LOVE: Our parent’s stayed there and absolutely loved it! They loved that it was walking distance to Fifth Avenue & Central Park.


The Meatpacking District definitely has more of a commercialized feel about it. If you have an interest in visiting some art galleries while you are here it’s be a good spot for you. You will also be close to both the High Line & Chelsea Market which are both must see’s when you visit. I personally really like the atmosphere down there. We go out there quite often as it is the home to some of the best rooftops in the city!

The Best Hotels in NYCThe Standard Hotel

DECOR: Very modern.

VIBE: Cool and young – don’t be surprised if you spot a celeb too.

PRICE: $$$

WHY I LOVE: The rooftop bar called ‘Le Bain’ has one of the best views in the city. My favorite by far!

The Best NYC HotelsThe Gansevoort

DECOR: A modern take on the sixties interiors.

VIBE: Fun but still sophisticated.

PRICE: $$$

WHY I LOVE: Like the Standard, the rooftop is a big draw – it has a beautiful pool area!


Another lovely park in a great location is Bryant Park. I personally think this is a great location because you are still very close to fifth avenue but it is a little less crazy. You are also close to Grand Central Terminal. It’s good to keep in mind that during the Summer, the grass in the park is a lovely place to chill out and catch an outdoor movie every Monday night. Then, in the run up to Christmas they host the Winter village which is very fun!

The Best Hotels In NYCThe Refinery Hotel

DECOR: Retro but still modern & chic – my favorite mix.

VIBE: It has a very comfortable & relaxed vibe.


WHY I LOVE: The Jazz bar downstairs looks very cool.


Soho is a very famous & popular part of New York and it definitely lives up to the hype. In my opinion, it’s one of the best places to shop and it is covered in beautiful brunch, dinner & drinks spots. Therefore, if you stay here you will be within walking distance to both the shops & great restaurants. Definitely a spot to consider if you want to avoid too many taxis/the subway.

The Best Hotels In NYCNOMO Soho

DECOR: Whimsical but still very New York.

VIBE: Very fun & stylish.


WHY I LOVE: The location is perfect & the decor is very cool.

The Best NYC HotelsCrosby Street Hotel

DECOR: Sophisticated with classic details.

VIBE: The perfect hotel for a girls getaway as it is the heart of soho’s best shops.

PRICE: $$$

WHY I LOVE: The service is amazing!


Flatiron is honestly one of my very favorite places in New York. I think by staying here you will experience a true taste of NYC as well as being in a very central location. You will obviously be close to the iconic Flatiron building as well as Madison Square Park & lots of shops. I just love this area!

The Best Hotels In NYCThe Nomad

DECOR: The decor was inspired by a Paris apartment so it feels a little European. Definitely a bit on the darker side.

VIBE: Old school.


WHY I LOVE: It has one of the best bars in the city.

The Best Hotels In NYCThe Edition Hotel

DECOR: Sleek, simplistic and VERY chic.

VIBE: It has a very welcoming vibe. The perfect place to unwind after being a tourist all day.

PRICE: $$$

WHY I LOVE: The location is amazing. (It’s steps away from shake shack too which is a bonus)


Tribeca is a very residential are but it is home to some great restaurants & bars. By staying here, you will be close to the financial district including Wall Street. You will also be near the 9/11 monument & museum. There are some great places to shop such as Westfield shopping centre.

The Best Hotels In NYCThe Greenwich

DECOR: Contemporary & Chic.

VIBE: A celeb hot spot so you can really see anyone there. (I have seen both Blake Lively & Shay Mitchell)

PRICE: $$$

WHY I LOVE: No two rooms are the same so it can be a different experience every time you stay there.

The Best Hotels In New YorkThe Beekman

DECOR: Think fringed lampshade and enormous.

VIBE: Very charming.


WHY I LOVE: I love that is historic & charming but still has modern amenities.


The Lower East Side is a very fun spot – full of great bars. I always recommend it to anyone who wants to make the most of New York nightlife. It has a very young vibe and more often than not, the hotels are a little more on the inexpensive side down here.

The Best Hotels In NYC The Ludlow

DECOR: Edgy but classic.

VIBE: Fun and laid back.


WHY I LOVE: I really love the boutique feel of this hotel.

The Best NYC HotelsSixty LES

DECOR: Modern & quirky.

VIBE: Laid back – good for couples!


WHY I LOVE: It’s close to a lot of great bars & the rooftop pool is great.


Brooklyn is often a place people forget to go to when visiting New York. However, it has a really great selection of beautiful hotels as well as one of my favorite areas, ‘Dumbo’. If you want to stay somewhere a little quieter and don’t mind a bit of extra transport throughout your trip, Brooklyn may be a good option for you.

The Best Hotels In NYCThe Wythe Hotel

DECOR: It used to be a factory so it definitely has a rustic feel to it.

VIBE: Young and hip.


WHY I LOVE: It’s near the water front and it has a great view of the city!

The Best Hotels In NYCThe William Vale 

DECOR: Stylish & a little futuristic.

VIBE: Young and cool, perfect for someone who wants to stay in Brooklyn but still get that New York luxurious feel

PRICE: $$$

WHY I LOVE: The Floor to ceiling glass walls offer the best view of Manhattan plus the rooftop is very cool too!


As I mentioned, I have not stayed in all of these hotels (even though I wish I have) but during my time here, these have been the hotels I have fallen in love with and recommended to friends & family. I hope you enjoyed this and get planning that trip here, you won’t regret it!

Chat soon,

x Erika


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