The Best 40 Summer Dresses Online Right Now

The Best 40 Summer Dresses Online Right Now

With the amazing heatwave Ireland is experiencing right now and the fact that Summer has officially began here in New York, I think we are all boiling over a little haha! It’s my 6th Summer here in New York so you would think that I would be used of this heat by now but it just doesn’t get easier. Therefore, I have had to find ways to survive it. Especially when it comes to dressing each year. My trick is always the lighter the clothes the better and it doesn’t get much lighter than Summer dresses. That’s why today I wanted to share the best 40 Summer dresses online right now. Honestly dresses are my go-to each day here during the Summer so I always have my eye out for new ones and these are some that have recently caught my eye..

I love the color of this button up dress and it looks very comfortable too. I also love this white  dress, I honestly think you can’t go wrong with white dresses for Summer – I have a million and I keep adding to the collection because I get so much wear out of them. I also really like this floral option too.

I hope you spotted some dresses you like! Enjoy the sunshine and chat soon..

x Erika


  1. Zazu

    27 June

    All beautiful dresses darling! xx

  2. Linda

    10 July

    So chic classic and elegant. Love your style!
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