Dallas Outfit Round Up + My Key Takeaways from the...

Dallas Outfit Round Up + My Key Takeaways from the Rewardstyle Conference


Hey guys and happy Monday! You may have seen my chatty VLOG yesterday where I brought you along to Dallas with me and gave you a little update about what’s been going on lately. So today I wanted to share a bit more from the trip over here on my blog. Firstly, I’m going to do a quick round-up of my outfits and then I’ll chat more about what really stood out to me at the Rewardstyle conference…


Zara Culottes (Similar HERE & HERE) // Whistles Top (Similar HERE) // Express Shoes // Chanel Bag

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Zara Trousers (Similar HERE) // Kobi Halperin Top (Similar HERE) // Express Shoes // Chanel Bag


Keepsake Blazer // Zara White Jeans (Similar HERE) // Chanel Bag

Processed with VSCO with c4 presetC/Meo Dress (Similar HERE) // YSL Bag 

Processed with VSCO with c4 presetNBD Dress // Express Shoes

Hope you liked everything!

As I mentioned , I was in Dallas for #RStheCon and wow, did I learn! I attended some really helpful workshops, got to meet with so many amazing brands and listened to the most inspiring presentations from Amber Venz Box, Aimee from Song of Style & Kendra Scott…just to name a few. It’s a conference you have to be invited along to, so I was absolutely honored to be there. They invite their top 200 performers every year so as you can imagine, just being able to chat with the other attendees is insanely inspiring in itself.  I met the nicest girls from all over the globe and especially loved all the UK girls I got to spend the weekend with. We kept joking that it was like being at Blogger Camp, haha! I know not all of you might be very interested in this kind of stuff, but for any fellow Bloggers/YouTubers that read my blog, I figured it might be helpful if I share some of the best things I learned throughout the weekend…

1. Your content needs to excite you. 
This one really hit the nail on the head when I heard it. Personally, I’ve been blogging for 6 years now (a LONG time) so in order for me to continue to be passionate about what I’m posting every day, I really have to love it. For example, If I’m really excited to post a particular outfit photo on Instagram, I just know you guys will love it too. But if I’m just posting for the sake of posting something, more often than not, it doesn’t perform. Quality over quantity always and if you’re not insanely excited about something, DON’T post.

2.  Don’t aim to please the masses
In Aimee Song’s talk (@songofstyle), she was asked about one thing she has started doing that has really made a difference to the growth of her business and her answer was that she now, more than ever, has a point of view. Something that sounds so simple, but honestly, something that a lot of us get distracted away from from time to time. She said it’s very easy to look at successful people like her (4.9 million Instagram followers) and just do what they’re doing, but in a saturated world of blogging, this isn’t going to work anymore. Unless you truly have a unique voice, you’re not going to stand out. She said that instead of trying to please 100% of her audience all the time, she now aims to please 10% at a time. And eventually she’ll get to all of them. You know, sometimes it’s scary to speak about sensitive topics or wear an outfit that’s different to your usual or post pictures that aren’t the typical type….but in 2018, you now have no choice. As Kendra Scott said (who is AMAZING by the way), ‘If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, you’ve already failed.” Be disruptive.

3. Appreciate the followers you ALREADY have. 
I remember someone once said to me that blogging seemed like this big game that we were all playing that no one was ever going to win. We spend ALL our time trying to get more followers but no matter how many you have, you can always get (& want) more. Even writing it out shows me how bizarre it all is, haha! It really is a bit crazy isn’t it? Obviously growth is important in any business, but you CANNOT forget about the following you have already built. The OG’s, the people who continue to stick by you. If you’re so focused on finding new people and forget about the amazing ones you already have, it’s never going to end well. They spoke all throughout the weekend about the importance of building a community that ACTUALLY cares. It’s one thing to have 500,000 followers but if they’re not engaged with what you’re doing and sharing then what’s the point? Whereas if you have 50,000 followers and those followers respect, appreciate & value everything you give back to them, I promise you you’re in a better situation. So forget about aiming for a million followers and instead focus on building a community (of any size) that actually care.

4. Be grateful for the ‘no’s’  – let them add fuel to your fire.
We all get no’s – trust me, I get them every day. I’m forever chancing my arm, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it SERIOUSLY knocks my confidence when the reply is a negative one but I move on, learn and ensure it makes me more determined than ever to prove them wrong. Honestly, no’s are the best motivation you can look for. So next time you get one – smile & keep getting better.

5. LiketoKnowit App
And finally, we learned so so much about Rewardstyle’s new app ‘LiketoKnowit‘. I’m not going to lie, I’m OBSESSED with it after the trip. Obviously, I use it myself to post my own outfits/home decor but honestly, I’ve been using it so much to shop too. I keep describing it as a shoppable Pinterest. You know when you’re on Pinterest and you find the perfect interior shot of the exact kind of room you’d like to create but can’t for the life of you find links even when you click through!? Well this new app provides the pretty picture AND every link. It’s seriously a game-changer. I post new outfits over there every day (even more than I post on instagram right now to be honest) so be sure to come on over and check it out. I also post LOTS of home stuff too! Just search ‘Retro Flame’ and you’ll find me. I respect Rewardstyle so so much for constantly staying ahead of the game and I think this new app they’ve created is the future of shopping for sure. Such an inspiring company!

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This really is just the tip of the iceberg on what I learned. I came away from it so so inspired to keep improving for you guys and also came away with lots of new friends which is always a treat. I actually loved writing this type of post so definitely let me know if you’d like more ‘business-advice’ type posts and I’ll get working on them. Oh and don’t forget to watch my video from the trip too if you haven’t already.

Have a great week,

x Erika



  1. Davorka

    1 May

    Being your authentic self is the best advice when it comes to blogging. Not only to provide inspiration for your readers/viewers, but that is the only way you’ll look back in a few years and be proud of yourself and who have you’ve become or how you’ve changed. No matter this is business for some, blogging is still kind of digital diary. And we need to be proud on content we put out there. Loved your post and vlog, Erika! Keep them coming!


  2. As a new blogger myself, these tips are so refreshing to hear! It’s so easy to get caught up in the game and lose your voice and authenticity but at the end of the day, I always try to remind myself why I started blogging in the first place, to create content that I would be proud of and that’s all that matters at the end of the day!

    Love this post Erika! It was exactly what I needed to hear!

    PS: your outfits are fab as always!

    Bukola Veronica,

  3. Aoife Long

    22 May

    I loved this post. I’ve been doing lots of science communication since starting my phd and the advice about respecting the profile you already have on board is so important..appreciating those people is what keeps me going. the advice applies to lots of fields so it is interesting to read

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