5 ‘Stories’ I Want To Share With You&#...

5 ‘Stories’ I Want To Share With You…

River Island

River Island

River Island Fringe Jacket // River Island Leather Skirt //
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So I’m back in New York after a pretty hectic week & a half of travel and boy, it feels good. See the thing about New York is that it loves to put you through FIVE months of the dreariest possible Winter and then all of a sudden with little warning, it wins you back with the absolute PERFECT Spring weather. Central Park starts showing off with all the cherry blossom trees (seriously though, aren’t they stunning?), everyone is walking around the place like they just won the lotto and basically, we all forget why we were even mad at New York in the first place. Despite one day of rain this week, it has been the BEST few days here in New York and even after 4 years of living here, I haven’t wiped the smile off my face since I got back from Dallas. I truly love to travel but how I know I’m living in the right place is that I always just can’t wait to get back to NY.

River Island

But anyway, enough of me trying to convince you all to move to New York ;) ….what else has been going on? It feels as if April literally just flashed before my eyes. We had Coachella, I was invited to an amazing blogging conference in Dallas (vlog & post coming up), we’ve been planning Summer travels, working on new videos – did you see my new office tour??.. and just lots of work in general. I think it could be all the time on planes by myself, but I’ve really been thinking a lot lately about the direction I want to go with Retro Flame and just my career in general. There are definitely a lot of changes on the horizon and it’s exciting. I’m someone who gets bored very very easily, so I love switching things up. The conference I went to in Dallas seriously opened my eyes to so many things and I’ll definitely go into more detail about that soon.

But in the meantime, I figured it could be kind of interesting to share a few “stories” from my travels & my regular day-to-day life in New York from the past month. I’ve seen some people do something similar on Insta Stories lately so I figured I’d do my own blog version today. And who knows, if you like this type of post maybe I could do it at the end of every month. I’m not always the best at sticking to series here on the blog but look we’ll see what happens. Anyway, here goes – 5 things that happened to me/occured to me/opened my eyes, etc. this month….

River Island

River Island

1. You know when people say that you just know straight away when you ‘click’ with someone and there honestly is no better feeling? Well that happened me for the first time in a long time last weekend in Dallas. I’ll be very honest, probably a bit too honest, but after 6 years of being in the blogging industry and seeing how so many bloggers are just ‘friends’ with other bloggers in order to grow themselves, I’ve become a little skeptical of the whole thing. Fake friendships are up there with the things I hate most in life….& using people is right there with it. I’ve seen it first-hand very recently, but last weekend in Dallas, my faith was restored when I met the amazing, Em. She’s a UK blogger and I got chatting to her & her boyfriend, Matt, on the first night and literally felt like I knew her forever. We’re already planning her next trip to NYC, haha! Moral of the story: there still are some good ones out there. Go check out her Youtube channel – I LOVE her vlogs!!

2. You all probably know already, but I’m truly obsessed with family. Hello, I work with my sister every single day and take EVERY chance to go back to Ireland to see my parents. I truly believe family is everything…I always will. So this week, we decided to book a (last minute) family holiday to somewhere that has been on our bucket list…..and we leave in a week!! Haha! My parents will be in New York next weekend and then we head off on Monday. I’m so excited to see them!

Cherry Blossom Central Park

3. On a bit of a more negative note, my new gallery wall for my dining room was an absolute FAIL. I ordered some really cool B&W prints from an online site and I can’t tell you how bad the quality was in person. I was so disappointed opening the package as I had spent ages choosing them. But anyway, these things happen. I made a few of them work but I’m still on the search for about 3 more black & white, vintage style prints. Let me know if you know of good places to get them? As soon as I find them, I’ll be able to film my dining room tour and that’s the whole apartment DONE. Only took me a year & a half…

4. Ok I’m just going to put this out there…I miss Snapchat. I know most of you are rolling your eyes up to heaven at this stage but I don’t care. I HATED the new update so I moved over to Insta Stories but you know what, I’m going to start using Snapchat again too. I went back on last night and loved it. I truly believe there’s no platform more ‘real’ than Snapchat and I miss that. I miss the chats, the fact that everything doesn’t have to be curated/perfect and I miss my Snapchat fam. I mightn’t be on there every single day but I’m making my return :) If you’re also not giving up just yet, come say hi. My username is “retroflame1”. (Oh and I STILL would like to know who “retroflame” is on there, haha!)

River Island

5. And finally, something that I heard this month which I can’t get out of my head is, “If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, you’ve already failed.” Seriously how true is this!? I’m sure whatever industry/career you’re in, this will resonate with you. Often we get so caught up in keeping up that we forget to take a step back and remember what sets us apart. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a change ;)

River Island

That’s it guys!! I don’t even know if you’ll like this type of post but I actually had a lot of fun writing it and I’ll be sure to jot down anything interesting that springs to mind during May and share everything if you liked this one.

p.s. How insane is this River Island Fringe Jacket? I want it in every color. Goes so nicely with this faux leather skirt.

Hope you’ve all been having the best week & honestly, thank you so much for reading. I feel so lucky to still have this corner of the internet to share things on after all this time.

Talk soon,
Erika x

Thank you to River Island for partnering on this post.



  1. I had a deep obsession with snapchat for aaaages!! Then got a new phone and forgot to re-sign into my account. You know? I haven’t missed it yet! BUT!! Enjoy your triumphant return to the Snap world. It’ll be like having coffee with an old friend 😉

    Holly. @vintagecourage84

  2. That fringe jacket is amazing! Love it with the Cherry blossoms. Also this post has made me want to visit New York in the spring.

  3. Marianne

    30 April

    I just discovered your blog (trying to discover how to dress my petite frame #shortpeopleproblems haha) and I usually never comment on anything, but something resonated with me and I wanted to tell you that you seem like a person I would “click” with instantly. I really enjoy your blog and I even be able to up my style a bit.. haha, it seems like an impossible task, but you never know… So thank you, Erika for your wonderful work!


  4. Hello Erika,
    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this post and that it is kind of refreshing to see that you speak your mind and say what you think. Also, very professional of you not to mention the website that you had this negative experience with. A lot of other people would already have hated that website.
    I hope more posts of this kind will come in future as it gives another insight into your blogging, vlogging etc. experience and can’t wait to see which kind of projects you have picked up!

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