5 Things I Stopped Doing Last Week

5 Things I Stopped Doing Last Week


Photos by Tara

River Island Jeans // Maje Jacket // Sunglasses (SimIlar HERE)
Givenchy Bag // Belt (Similar HERE) Topshop Boots (Similar HERE)


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a good one. If you watched my latest video, you’ll have seen that I did a little shopping while I was home in Ireland and this AMAZING blue velvet bomber jacket was one of my finds. I just love it! It’s from MAJE in Brown Thomas and I literally just couldn’t wait to shoot it so I could show you. I’ve styled it very simply in this post but I can’t wait to wear it so many other ways over the next few weeks here in NYC. It’s the perfect style of jacket for the current ‘inbetween’ New York weather. These are also my new Molly Jeans from River Island (also in the haul video) and I’m wearing my go-to patent boots which I’ve found a similar version for HERE. Such a simple look but I love it!



Always when I come back to New York after a few weeks somewhere else, I really realise how much I love my routine. I know it may sound boring, but I really love when I feel productive. I’m not a blogger who likes to just post every now and again when I feel like it, or just mainly focuses on Instagram pictures – instead, I love to create content for YOU. Posts on my blog, new videos, genuine product reviews, career advice, outfit & interiors inspiration…content that I know you can gain something from. If I’m not adding value, than what’s the point in following me? So when I’m off my usual posting schedule, I’m literally itching to get back….& I think in a way, that’s a big part of why I’m always so excited to get back to NYC. Yes I love living here because it’s New York but mainly, I love the structure & inspiration I get here. I’ve really learned that this is where I’m happiest.

I’m so excited to be here now for the full month of October (more travels coming up in November) and I can’t wait to get stuck into new content for you. Definitely let me know what exactly YOU would like to see? I’m ALL in this month and want to create lots of new stuff so I would love to hear what you would like to see? I’ll film & shoot the most popular suggestions. The best ways to always get in touch with me are to either leave me a comment here on the blog, tweet me @retroflame, or send me message on Instagram (@retroflame) or Snapchat (@retroflame1).


Last week definitely was a productive one for me and I noticed a certain few things that made it that way…so I want to share them. We all have stuff to do every week, some very important things, some not so important things but regardless, they all need to get done. We start the week really positive & optimistic with a big, ambitious to-do list and before we know it, it’s Friday and there’s still about 80% of the list left to do. So what happened!? We got distracted, we procrastinated, we didn’t make a proper plan, we went out for drinks instead of going to the gym, we spent all of Wednesday evening scrolling on our phone….we just didn’t commit to getting sh*t done. Simple as.

It happens. But it needs to stop.

The weeks go by faster than you could ever imagine and all those things you dream of doing and achieving are NEVER going to get done until you make some changes. So this is the week.

To give you a little inspiration, I wanted to share 5 things I stopped doing last week which in turn genuinely made my week more enjoyable, productive and just plain ol’ BETTER. Here they are:

1. I stopped endlessly scrolling
I’ve had so many conversations lately with friends about all the time we waste on our phones. I genuinely believe it’s now more unhealthy than sitting and watching TV. We are ADDICTED to our phones and it’s just not healthy anymore. Yes, it’s my work and quite frankly I owe everything to social media, but it’s time to take a step back and know when enough is enough. What are you really gaining from spending two hours scrolling through your instagram feed on a Monday evening, in bed at night or on your lunch break? How has that hour benefited you? We just HAVE to start cutting down. Of course, it’s still OK to go on social media or go online to follow your favourites, but the more aware we become of the actual amount of time we are spending doing it, the better. If you added up every minute you spent checking social media in a day, do you think you’d be annoyed at yourself for the amount of time you’ve wasted? My guess is yes. We all complain about not having enough time to do things but we all also don’t truthfully admit to ourselves the amount of time we waste. So last week, I SERIOUSLY cut down the amount of time spent looking at OTHER people’s accounts and spent that time focusing on MY LIFE instead. Honestly, I can’t even explained how much it helped. I’m not asking you to cut out ‘scrolling’ completely, I’m just suggesting for you to make a big effort to cut down and let me know how it goes. For every hour you don’t spend on social media, that’s an hour you have to better yourself. Pick up a book, tackle that to-do list, go to the gym, clean out your wardrobe…just do SOMETHING for you. Not for those 500 people you barley know on Instagram.


2. I stopped feeling guilty for saying no
I’ve always been pretty good at this but last week I made a big effort again. I said no to events, invites, meetings that I just didn’t want to go to…no excuses or reasons, I just said no. And didn’t feel guilty. Continuing on from the point above, your time is precious and you should spend it how you WANT to, without feeling any guilt.

3. I stopped staying up until ridiculous o clock
No more staying up past 12am thinking I was being productive on my laptop. I’m learning more & more that early mornings are where I’m super productive, so as a result I now need to get to sleep at a reasonable time (otherwise it catches up.) Find what works for you and make the change. Even if you think you’re not a morning person, just try it for a week. Go to bed early, get up early and see if it makes a difference for you. I honestly swear by it now!

4. I stopped bringing my phone to bed
Tommy goes to sleep super early so he definitely has had a role to play in this change but I’m honestly so thankful for it. All last week, I set my alarm and left my phone (out of reach) on my dresser. I’ve been sleeping WAY better, it has stopped the temptation to ‘scroll’ in bed and it makes me actually GET OUT of bed to turn off my alarm in the mornings. Win win all round.

5. I just stopped.
…& finally, in my opinion, most importantly of all, I gave myself a break at the weekend. Something I NEVER used to do until this year. I posted much less on social media, I went shopping, I spend time with Tommy & the girls, I started a new book & strolled around central park. Now on Monday morning, I’m more ready than ever to get stuck into the week.


These are just the things that I discovered helped ME. Don’t forget, everyone is different, but I truly believe there are certain things we all need to stop doing. So go get a pen right now and write down 5 things you did last week that distracted you and stole your time. 5 things you did instead of doing things that would benefit you….and this week, DON’T DO THEM.

A bit of a ‘t0-the-point’ style post today but we all need a reminder every now and again.

Hopefully this has helped – if I can do it, so can you!

Have a great week guys and keep an eye out for tomorrows new video over on my Youtube channel…& don’t forget to let me know what kind of posts/videos you would like to see this month?

Talk soon,
Erika x


  1. Claire

    9 October

    Love it and so true…I was just thinking today that if I spent as much time in the gym as I did on my phone I would have abs you could bounce a penny off. Thanks Erika! Great post 😘

  2. Roisin

    10 October

    I recently closed down my facebook account as I felt that I was just wasting my evenings scrolling through everyone else’s lives and not focusing on my own. I don’t miss it one bit. I’m very conscious of my “online time” now and I’m cutting back it, a quick 10 mins glance a day at my favs (obviously you! ) and that’s it. I’m flying through books instead. Great post, totally agree.

  3. Shloka

    10 October

    I think those are all great things that you’ve done! Wonderful thing to do and changes to make to feel good about yourself!

    I also love your velvet bomber jacket!


  4. Frances

    10 October

    Loved this post Erica – your tips are always so useful and so interesting. I am also so obsessed with your jacket – it is gorgeous!! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Fashion Beauty Travel

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