Simple & Easy Storage Ideas

Simple & Genius Storage Ideas

Time to talk storage! If you follow me on Instagram (@retroflame) or watched yesterday’s video, you’ll know that it’s been a big focus here in Retro HQ this week. Ever since I moved into my new apartment here in New York, I’ve been lucky enough to have a home office space to work from. It’s a small space but absolutely perfect for what we need. I LOVE working from home! However, as things have gotten a little busier and it has started to double as a beauty closet, the space was beginning to get very cluttered, to say the least. Personally, I just can’t work well in a cluttered space so something had to change. Enter: Jamie from @HorderlyNYC.

Jamie is a ‘professional organizer’ (big business here in New York) & came over to my apartment on Monday. We spent a total of 6 hours going through everything, throwing stuff out, re-organizing & finding a specific home for every single thing in the office. And wow, I honestly can’t tell you how much how much of a mood changer it has been. I woke up yesterday & this morning and was actually excited to sit down and work at my desk. I truly believe that when you’re in a space that feels organizes and ‘zen’, everything works better. It’s literally made me want to do the same to every single  room in my apartment (next up the bedroom – I can’t wait) and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the progress. Couldn’t be more grateful to have found Jamie and if you want to see more about her & my office transformation check out my new video HERE.  But before you go anywhere, I also want  to share some storage & organization inspiration in an attempt to motivate you to do the same with your house/apartment. These are all some ideas I have come across on Pinterest, Instagram & Google that are both simple and effective. I hope it gives you the push to clear out and organize whatever space it is in your house that you have left get a little out of control…


Simple & Genius Storage Ideas

Who knew what a difference a few drawer dividers could do – they are SO handy! I got these ones from the container store and I now I want to put them in every drawer in the apartment. I also really like the idea of using hooks to hang up your curler/straightener inside a cabinet or at the side of your dresser.


Simple & Genius Storage Ideas

Out of everything I got for the office this week, I think these baskets have been the biggest game changer – who knew they could be so effective. Simply pair them with some chalk tags and your office or any other room for that matter is sure to stay very organized with a specific home for everything.


Simple & Genius Storage Ideas

You all know I love my kitchen storage – especially if you watched my ‘Kitchen Organization Ideas’ video. I swear by these jars for storing all my pastas, cereals & seeds. Next on my to do list is to organize my fridge using these plastic bins. Exciting times, haha!


Simple & Genius Storage Ideas

 How amazing does those makeup drawers look?! You can create something very similar with plastic acrylics like this lipstick holder & palette organizer from amazon – Honestly hat would we do in a world without amazon? I cannot wait for Jamie to come back next week and for her to help me make my makeup drawers looks like that (with one tenth of the products of course haha!)

I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, how did I not think of any of these simple ideas before – I was the exact same!! I’ve linked all of the products I’ve talked about along with some others below so that you can start getting organized with your storage too…

So I hope I’ve given you some ideas! Be sure to send me some snaps if you get anything.  Enjoy the rest of your week and stay tuned for a new video tomorrow over on my YouTube Channel.

x Erika


  1. LJ

    16 August

    Great post! I’m feeling very motivated to re-vamp my tiny basement apartment here in Toronto :)

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