10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me





Photos by Lisa Richov

River Island Jacket (Similar HERE) // Aritizia Leather Pants (Similar HERE)
Celine Catherine Sunglasses // YSL Bag // Zara Boots (Similar HERE)


Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was a very chilled out one which was just what the doctor ordered. I got a chance to try some new places here in New York, spent a lot of time in Central Park and made brunch for the girls at our apartment yesterday. What would we do without weekends!? We’d all be fully insane by this point, haha! Anyway, I’m excited to share this new outfit with you today – the first of many to come this year! I wore this pinstripe coat while I was home at Christmas and couldn’t wait until I got back to New York to shoot it. It’s such a beautiful fit and I love the back cape detail. I had a look online and unfortunately, it looks like it’s already sold out but here’s quite a similar one I found.  I’m also wearing my new YSL bag that I got myself for Christmas (first blog appearance), my usual Celine sunnies, my Aritzia leather leggings & Zara patent boots (Similar). A very me outfit for sure! It’s so great to be back shooting in New York and I can’t wait to share many more outfits in 2017.



If you follow me on Youtube (Retro Flame), you’ll have seen that I did a ‘Get To Know Me’ Video last week on my channel. It’s a style of video where Youtubers share some facts about themselves, thoughts on different things they do or don’t believe in, hopes for the future and everything in between! It was a fun one to film and I was so happy to see that some of you really enjoyed watching. It was also a nice way to kick off my new set of videos this year. There’s a set list of questions (you can find them on google) and you just give a quick answer to each. I obviously didn’t want the video to be crazy long so I kept it all as simple as possible which was exactly what I wanted for the video…but, when I was watching back over the weekend, I realised there are SO many other random facts/things about me that you probably have no idea about. So there stemmed the idea for today’s post. I also know that some of you guys might prefer to read blog posts rather than watch videos, so I always want to share fun content on both platforms. So to kick off another week, here are 10 things you might not know about me….


1. I cry at EVERY SINGLE movie. Yes, even the happy ones. I literally can’t help it – I’m such an emotional wreck when it comes to stuff like that. I’m so embarrassing when I watch movies on planes!!

2.  I’m 110% addicted to chocolate. I literally can’t go a day without it.

3. I seriously need glasses and just refuse to give in and get them. I literally have no idea why!? I’m promising to try to get laser surgery in the next year.


4. I hate hugging. So weird, but so true. It makes me so awkward!!

5. I once served Kirsten Dunst tequila at the bar I used to work in here in New York and also sat next to Kendall Jenner at lunch one day in Soho. My two claims to fame!

6. I hate being home alone. It’s up there with the things that freak me out most. WORLD’S BIGGEST CHICKEN!!


7. I got 9 A’s and a B in my Junior Cert when I was in school. I literally thought it was the most important thing in the world at the time, haha! (The B was in music)

8. When I meet someone, I literally know in about 3 seconds if I like them or not. I’m also a big believer in having a very tight-knit/smaller group of friends rather than a big group.

9. I absolutely HATE talking on the phone!! In fact, I never really use my phone for it’s actual purpose, haha! My friends KILL ME! It takes me about 3 days to acknowledge the message before I even think about replying. If ever you need to contact me, you probably have a better chance at getting a letter-in-the-mail reply rather than a call back.

10. I used to work in Abercrombie on 5th Avenue in New York during my first Summer here. I hated every single minute!!! After 4 weeks in, one day I just didn’t show up for my shift and I don’t think I’ve ever been in there since.


I’m sure there are a lot more I could think of, but I’ll leave it here for today :) Be sure to check out my Get To Know Me Video for a more detailed chat and I’ll be back again on Wednesday with the next blog post.

Hope you liked this one & have a great week,
Erika x



  1. Emer

    16 January

    Fab outfit look! The bag looks worth every penny! Well wear :-)

    I love that you included different facts here than you did in your Youtube video! I did some laughing at the Abercrombie fact…that seems so unlike you!!

    Looking forward to your next Youtube video tomorrow :-) X

  2. These facts were fun to read! The first reminded me of a classmate who cried watching Zoolander during the car accident scene haha, so you’re not alone!

  3. EllaB

    17 January

    Haha! Fair play to you for leaving the rubbish job back then! I’m guilty of staying on in jobs even if I don’t like them but not any more! Also, genuine question, how do you manage in business if you find it difficult on the phone? I too am a phone phobe, lol and I could do with some tips 😂

  4. Eve Spillane

    18 January

    Hey Erika ☺I also worked in Abercrombie on 5th on my J1 in summer 2015! I used to hate going in there too but I had to stick it out! The discount was pretty much the only thing that kept me going hehe

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