#RetroFlameHomeNYC: The Big Move + Inspiration

#RetroFlameHomeNYC: The Big Move + Inspiration


Happy Friday everyone! You’ll know from my snapchat (retroflame1) and Instagram (@retroflame) that I just moved out of my apartment a few days ago and will be moving into a new one on October 1st. I honestly don’t think I’ve been as excited to make a move in a long long time! I loved my old apartment but after two years there, I had just grown out of it. Now that I work from home all the time, it’s really important to me that I love the space I live in, so it was time to make the change as soon as my lease was up. I’m staying in the Upper East Side in Manhattan as I’ve really developed a soft spot for the area. I just love how quiet and safe it is and living so close to Central Park is the biggest bonus of all. I’m moving to a bigger two-bedroom apartment which means I’ll now have space for a proper living room and also a home office. It’s still in no way the perfect apartment (is there even such a thing in New York?), but I just know I have so much to work with and I can’t wait to get stuck into the redecorating. It’s actually owned by the same landlord as my last apartment so the layout of the bedrooms & bathrooms is the exact same which will definitely make my life a little easier when decorating them. The room I’m going to be initially focusing on though is the living living room. The colour scheme will be a mix of black, white, grey, blush pink, gold & rose gold. Oh and of course, lots of touches of marble print throughout. It wouldn’t be a Retro Flame apartment otherwise, haha! I’m working towards a contemporary, minimalistic space with some ‘glam’ touches here and there – which is very similar to my own personal style really. Of course, I’ve been GLUED to Pinterest (you can see my living room board HERE) but have also been using a new site/app I’ve recently discovered called Havenly.


Havenly is a service where you work with an interior designer (all online) to design your dream room. You share photos of the room, details of existing furniture, your budget & inspiration images and then the designer shares some design options. He/she will suggest the items you can buy (from online interior stores) and you both work together to decide on the final design. It’s honestly genius! You all know I love interior design and finding new pieces for my home, but often I struggle with deciding where exactly to position things or with 100% finishing a room. So this is my absolute dream. It’s so great to have a second opinion on everything and really helps you think outside the box. Havenly are going to be helping me design my new living room and I’m so excited already. My designer, Libby, literally just ‘got’ my interiors style straight away and I can’t wait to see the end result. I’ve shared some of the inspiration photos in this post and of course, I’ll be sharing the end result here too as soon as it’s all finished. There’s a lot of work to do, but I know it will all come together!


If you’re looking for a little help with a space in your home/apartment – definitely check out the Havenly App and also stay tuned here on Retro Flame Home section for SO much more interiors/decor content over the next few weeks/months. I’m going to do before & after pictures of each room and will be using the hashtag #retroflamehomeNYC to document everything on social media. A lot of you have been telling me you love all the interiors post especially, so hopefully you’re going to enjoy this new section of Retro Flame.

I finally made it back home to Kerry yesterday and just couldn’t be happier to be here for the next while. Stay tuned for some event details next week :) Have a great weekend!

Erika x


  1. Tayla

    26 September

    Love love love the interior design ideas! Definitely right up my alley! I can’t wait to see the end result!

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