5 Ways To Get Back On Track This September

5 Ways To Get Back On Track This September

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I’m probably in the minority, but I’m kind of glad to see the back of August. Anyone who is going back to school/college will more than likely disagree, but I have to admit it just hasn’t been a favourite month of mine. Between looking for a new apartment, issues with my current apartment, the crazy New York humidity and the fact that I have run out of Summer clothes….I’m ready now for a fresh start. August was an all-over-the-place type of month for me – I just felt a little out of routine and I’m learning that I’m a person that needs a steady routine, at all times. I get really flustered and overwhelmed without one. I mentioned in my ‘One of those Days’ post that the next few months will bring a lot of changes and I’m more than ready to get stuck in! September is my very favourite month of the year and I wanted to share a post today to show why this will be your month too.  It’s just a nicer version of January and marks the start of a 4 month countdown to get everything on our lists ticked off. It’s NEVER too late!


So yes, I was definitely that weird child who didn’t actually mind going back to school. I kind of loved it really! I got to pick out a new school bag, new pretty pens, pencils & notebooks and honestly, I just loved that feeling of starting afresh. That back to school feeling has always stuck with me and September still makes me as excited as ever. The big difference now is that school is replaced with Fashion Week. Haha, a pretty nice replacement. For the past few years, September has been ‘a new chapter’ month for me. 2 years ago, I moved into my first NYC apartment at the beginning of September, ready to embark on my New York Journey. Last year, I went back home to Ireland at the start of September to collect my brand new 3-year visa and this year, I’m getting ready to make a move again (just to a new apartment next door, but it’s something I’m so excited to do).  I don’t know why, but September is always when I’m ready to make a change. It has been such a fun Summer, filled with so many great memories and new experiences, but I’m ready to get back to my productive self again and if you feel the same way, here are my 5 ways to get back on track:

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1. Reassess Goals
If you’re a regular Retro Flame follower, you’ll know I’m all about my goals. I literally set goals for everything, it’s the only way I get sh*t done. At the beginning of the year, I shared my goals for ‘My Dream 2016′ and then in July, I did a mid-year check in. The only way you’ll know you’re staying in track is to keep checking in on yourself. With 8 months down & 4 to go, I personally still have A LOT to do but it’s crazy how much you can get done in a couple of months. So put aside 10 minutes today and make a solid plan for the remainder of 2016.

2. Set a schedule
Continuing on from above, once you know what you need to do, you have to set a plan & schedule. I mentioned that without routine and structure, I’m an absolute hot mess running around in circles, so having a plan for each day/week is essential for me. Last night, I sat down with my notebook and scheduled in possible travel dates during the next 4 months. You’ll know from my list that I still have quite a few places to visit and although, I won’t get them all ticked off this year, I’m determined to see at least 2-3 new places (I’m looking at you Chicago & Austin). I also mapped out my schedule for fashion week, a new weekly schedule for Retro Flame Blog posts & Youtube videos (will be coming into effect very soon) and I also looked into rejoining my gym….


3. Fitness/Me Time
Like a lot of us, I really struggle to stick with the gym. I will say though that this year has probably been my best so far. Ever since I did my 6 week fitness challenge, it really changed my perspective on incorporating fitness & wellness into my daily routine. When I work out, it honestly changes my whole day for the better! Since coming back from my Summer travels, I just really haven’t been sticking to a set fitness routine and there have been weeks where I’ve done nothing at all…so this all now needs to change. I’m going to start small over the next week or two and then hopefully be back in a routine in no time. It just takes ONE HOUR every day and the benefits are invaluable.


4. Closet/House Clearout
We all know Retro loves a clearout, haha! My friends think it’s honestly all I spend my time doing. I’m obsessed with organisation and always feel happier when my space is de-cluttered. I really do believe that your space/environment has a huge impact on your mind. So I try my best to keep mine tidy as possible. As I mentioned, I’m about to move apartments soon and as I’ve been packing everything into boxes, I have been getting rid of SO much stuff that I didn’t even realise I had. How do we accumulate so much stuff so quickly!? When it comes to clothes/shoes/bags I no longer need in my wardrobe, I either sell them on my Depop account (@retroflame) or donate them to Housing Works on 77th Street. I’m planning on updating all my furniture and home decor in my new space, so I’ve been very cut-throat when it comes to packing up homeware items. It’s funny how you just grow out of things. So even if you’re not moving, I urge you to spend a day just clearing out your current space. I can’t even explain how good you’ll feel after it and you’ll be ready & waiting for the new season to begin.


5. Remember your ‘Why’
Finally, if by chance none of the above are helping you and you still need some motivation to get back on track, go ahead and ask yourself WHY you actually want to get back on track. What are your reasons/motivations? Each and everyone of us are working towards different things but the most common way to get there is – Hard Work. There really isn’t any other way. It’s not always glamorous, but I promise you, hard work will never let you down. So whether you’re aiming for that 1.1 Degree at the end of the year, a promotion at work, a new personal best in the gym, or whatever your goal may be – just remember how happy you’ll be when you get there. All that’s standing between you and your goals is WORK, so it’s time to make the most of every single minute this September. This will be your month.

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I really hope this has provided some inspiration. Personally, I just can’t wait to get stuck in! September is my birthday month so there are definitely some fun things to come (starting the birthday celebrations early in Vegas this weekend)  but overall, I just can’t wait to make this month a productive one.

Hope you’ve all been having a great week & be sure to follow all my Vegas adventures on Snapchat (retroflame1).

Erika x


  1. nicole

    1 September

    Loved this post, and I’ve really enjoyed your blog and snapchat recently!

  2. Ríona

    6 September

    Thank you so, so much for this – exactly what I needed to read at exactly this time.

    Thanks again.

  3. The 109 Block

    9 September

    Thanks for sharing these tips :)

    have a lovely weekend x

  4. Sara

    23 September

    Really good tips! Just made my own list of Goals and look forward to setting my plans into motion. :) Thanks for the inspiration! xS

  5. stylists to a t

    27 September

    Amazing tips!! Thank you for doing this!
    Loved the white dress with the black leather jacket on top! Such a good look!


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