New in: The Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brush Set + Pal...

New in: The Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brush Set + Palette

Blank Canvas Cosmetics

Happy Wednesday everyone! If you follow me on Snapchat (retroflame1) – which is where I share most from my daily life – you’ll already know that the Blank Canvas brush set & palette are now part of my makeup collection. I actually got these about 2 months ago now, but as always here on Retro Flame, I wanted to properly test them out for a few weeks before I shared more info with you. If there’s one thing you can always be guaranteed with me it’s that if ever you see anything here on the blog or on any of my social media channels, you can be 110% sure I truly love & use it. Whether it’s a dress, a new restaurant I just discovered, a pair of shoes or a new makeup product, I will only ever share the details if I’m genuinely obsessed with it. Of course, there are products I try and don’t like, but I’m never one to bad-mouth a brand – it has never been and never will be my style. I just won’t talk about it. But if it’s a brand I absolutely love, I’m always excited to share it with you too. We all know that there are A LOT of bloggers out there at the moment and often, it can be very tricky to believe them about certain things. Trust me, I’m the most skeptical person you’ll meet, haha! I’ve been in this industry long enough now to know when someone is selling out and there’s honestly nothing I hate more. So on that note, you can always be sure that Retro Flame will stay true to Retro Flame. Always. I appreciate your loyalty far too much to ever lose it! This is something I definitely want to chat more about soon, so send me a snap if you’d like me to do a post on the ins & outs of blogging – where I can answer any questions you may have :)


But now…back to makeup talk! So as I mentioned, I recently upped my makeup brush game and I can’t wait to tell you about how it went. Blank Canvas Cosmetics are an Irish brand that I’ve known about for a long time now, but believe it or not I had never tried any of their products. As you know, I always love supporting Irish brands so I was excited to test out some of their products to see if they worked well for me. The first (& probably my favourite) thing to tell you about is their Total Pro Deluxe 21 Piece Brush Set. Literally every brush you could ever possibly need. Well for someone like me anyway! This 21 brush set retails for €159.99/$175.99 and comes in a beautiful faux leather holder (which you can also buy separately Here). Since I’ve been travelling so much lately, good travel sets/bags have become a big priority for me and this one couldn’t be more perfect. Really compact & slick. I love it! In this set, you get 11 face brushes, 9 eye brushes and 1 lip brush. When I was at home in Ireland, I asked Kaelin to properly talk me through all the different brushes and I’m finding new favourites all the time. I won’t lie, up until last year, I literally used the same MAC brushes over & over again but when I couldn’t deal with any more brush hairs falling onto my face (the struggle was real) I knew I had to test out some new brands and I’m so glad I now have some Blank Canvas in my collection. I especially love the eye brushes and I know Kaelin (who’s a makeup artist) will be very proud at the fact that I now use more than one brush to do my eye makeup. Haha!


Next up is another, but smaller, brush set – The Entire Double Ended Brush Collection. This one is actually currently on sale at €49.99/$54.99 and is definitely a great one to try out first if you’re new to the brand. 6 of the brushes are double-ended eye makeup brushes and there’s also a double-ended foundation/concealer brush which is so handy too! The perfect kit to start out with and it’s a total bonus that it’s now actually on sale.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics

I definitely haven’t gotten around to trying every single brush just yet but as I’m discovering ones I really like, I’ll be sure to let you know on snapchat (retroflame1). I’m also going to give you a better look when I do a Facebook Live post this week (I’ve been really enjoying doing these) and I can answer any questions you have there too.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics

Blank Canvas Cosmetics

Blank Canvas Cosmetics


Then finally, I’ve also been trying out one of their newer products – The Master Series, Palette One. You’ll know by now that the only colours I wear on my eyes are browns and golds, so I was very excited to try this out! Often when you see me on Snapchat with my eye makeup done, this is the palette I’ve been using. I brought it with me on my 6 week travels and it was such a handy addition to my makeup bag. The days/nights out I don’t want to wear black bottom liner, I use a little bit of ‘Downtown’ instead and I love how it looks!

Be sure to let me know if you’re already a Blank Canvas fan and what products you use? I definitely want to try out some more! Also, keep an eye out for the Facebook Live too if you want to hear more! You can like my Facebook Page HERE.

Hope you’re all having a lovely week,
Erika x


  1. Maria

    27 July

    I’m a big blank canvas fan. I love the flat top foundation brush. I also invested in the Pippa pallette which has some amazing eye colours as well as a brilliant highlighter and blush. All you need in your bag :)

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