My Celine Sunglasses + Why They Are My Best Purcha...

My Celine Sunglasses + Why They Are My Best Purchases To Date

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Ok, so I was doing my usual quick online window-shop this morning while having my coffee (please say I’m not the only one who does this EVERY day!?) and I noticed that my newest Celine Sunglasses were back in stock. I honestly wear both of my Celine sunglasses to death, especially on Snapchat, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to do a quick post about them. Quite a few of you ask me about them, so I wanted to share the link, prices, etc. Oh and why they are both genuinely my best & favourite purchases to date.


L-R: Celine CATY / Celine CATHERINE

So the two pairs I have, as you can see above, are the Celine CATY (Left) & Celine CATHERINE (Right). I purchased my first pair, the CATY’s, to mark surviving my first year in NYC and as a result, they not only were a fun purchase for me but also a very sentimental one too. They were one of my first designer purchases after a pretty hectic year and will always hold a very special place in my wardrobe. My second pair, the CATHERINE’s (which are just back in stock online), were purchased just a few months ago and I honestly cannot say enough good things about these. I LOVE THEM! As you’ve probably guessed from Snapchat….haha! I never take them off! The shape is stunning and they honestly ‘fancy up’ absolutely any kind of outfit.

Celine Sunglasses

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Baby Blue Turtle Neck - The Sweater Shop - Aran Sweater

I know designer sunglasses aren’t for everyone and I totally get that. But for me personally, I 110% believe they are worth their money. I’m that person who wears sunglasses 360 out of 365 days a year (rain or shine) so I really do appreciate a good pair of sunglasses. I have crazy sensitive eyes which non-stop water when it’s bright, so sunglasses are my BFF. I want them to be comfortable, sturdy and classic…and that’s what both these Celine’s are. I’ve honestly dropped both pairs on several occasions and they are still absolutely perfect. Both styles are classic & understated, so I know I’ll never tire of them and although I have lots of other sunglasses, these ones are always my go-to. They never let me down!

So if you are on the search for some new sunglasses, I really couldn’t recommend spending that little bit more if you can. Often with the cheaper pairs, they don’t even make it past the first year, so it’s definitely worth paying that little bit more for something you’ll have forever. Oh and because you have spent that little bit more, you will mind them like a baby, trust me! Haha! I literally never leave them out of my site.

I hope this has been a helpful post for anyone who was interested and as always, if you have any more questions – you can send me a snapchat (retroflame1).

Erika x


  1. Liv

    28 July

    Loving the shades.


  2. Suzanne

    28 July

    Just purchased the Catys loved them on you!

  3. I’m obsessed with those glasses! They look so cute on you.


  4. […] My Celine Sunglasses + Why They Are My Best Purchases To Date […]

  5. Sarah Nicholls

    9 January

    Hi Erika, are your Celine Catherine sunglasses the small or large please? I can’t decide which ones I should get! Thank you xxxx

  6. Amanda

    11 June

    Love this post! Just purchased the Catherine’s and can’t wait to receive them!!

    I’ve read that they come in a small and regular sized frame, though. I couldn’t find the regular size for sale online anywhere… do you know anything about the sizing?

    Thank you!!


  7. Amanda

    11 June

    Oops, just now seeing you replied to someone else saying yours are the smaller ones! That helps a lot :)

  8. Ashley

    16 July

    Just came across your blog! Love the glasses. Would you be able to tell me the number on the inside of the Catherine sunglasses? I’ve been trying to decide which size to get and I love yours and want to be sure before buying.its probably 41089 41090 or 41098 :)

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