New Website Design + A Big Announcement!

New Website Design + A Big Announcement!

Erika Fox - Retro Flame
Hello everyone and Happy Monday! Today is an exciting one. One I’ve been working towards for quite a while now and I’m so happy to finally be able to share some news with you all! First up, today’s the day that I’ve relaunched the new Retro Flame website! I couldn’t be more excited if I tried!! I had my old design for the last 2 years, so it was definitely time for a change. Retro Flame has evolved from a place where I just showed my outfits into an online destination which shares my travels, my daily life in New York, my fitness diaries, the ups & downs and most importantly, my journey. If you’ve been here from the very beginning and seen it all unfold so far, you’ll know that we sure have been through a lot. From college courses, to internships, to moving countries – a lot has happened and so I wanted to design a website which really documented everything in a clear and very easy-to-use way. For example, if you’re coming to New York and want to easy find all my New York related posts, everything is now easily found under the New York category on the homepage and in the menu bar. So feel free to click on the HOME tab here and have a nosey around to see what you think. I especially love the desktop version (a little different to how it looks on mobile) and although, there are still a few changes & fixes to be made, I hope you love it as much as I do! Also, I literally cannot say a big enough thank you to my insanely patient friend, Niamh, for helping me with this redesign. You’ll have seen on my snapchat (retrofame1) that there were some all-nighters pulled this weekend to get everything finished and she made the whole process completely & utterly seamless. Be sure to check out her blog!

So…as well as wanting to share my new website design, I also have 2 other pieces of news that I’m going to share with you in the below Youtube video. Yes, a youtube video. I’m just as shocked as you are. Haha! So have a watch, please don’t laugh and let me know what you think on Twitter, Instagram or send me a snapchat (retroflame1). Eeeekk…here’s to the start of something exciting. Enjoy!

Stylishly Yours,

Erika x


  1. Ciara

    14 March

    I have only recently discovered your blog and I’m absolutely loving it! You’re an inspiration! Xx

  2. Noelle Crosbie

    15 March

    Congrats Erika..

    You have come such a long way .. From our first encounters in Killarney popping into RetroRose .. Buying a hat from me and winning @ The Galway Vintage Show.. Organising The Kerry Vintage Fashion Show in Killarney .. I knew then you were Special and would go far no matter what you turned your hand too..
    I’m so happy for you and you deserve every good thing coming your way as you always give 110%%

    Exciting times ahead ❤️
    Noelle x

    • Retro Flame

      15 March

      Awh Noelle, you’ve been such a great support from the very beginning! Thank you so so much!! xx

  3. I absolutely love the new design! It’s gorgeous and totally worth the late nights!

    I was hoping that your big announcement would be what I thought it was, and it was! (Trying not to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched the video yet!)

    You work your arse off and deserve every success, so keep up the amazing work and fly the flag for Irish bridies in New York!

    • Retro Flame

      15 March

      Karen, thank you SO much!! So happy you like the news! xx

  4. Nicki

    15 March

    So thrilled for you.. you’re such an inspiration and a total rockstar. Can’t wait to watch it all unfold! Eeek!

    • Retro Flame

      15 March

      Thank you Nicki! Will always be grateful for you help! Excited to tackle more projects together xx

  5. Orlaith

    15 March

    SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! You are such an inspiration, being kind and working hard really does pay off. You deserve everything that’s coming for you, so proud of you Erika. Excited to see what the future holds! xx

  6. Mary

    15 March

    Hi Erika, Just to say a huge well done, I am glad u are able to pursue your dream and basically SLAY New York, you deserve it all, you’re a hard worker and it just goes to show that it pays off. I love following your insta and checking out your snaps as you’re such a down to earth straight up Irish girl, you’re gas and you don’t even know it as well!
    I started a blog 6 years ago right before blogs were a thing, it was fashion and lifestyle/daily life – feckin lost interest in it too fast.. I am only sick that I didn’t stick at it as god knows where I would be now with it! and I am still so full of ideas but don’t feel there’s a niche in Ireland anymore for another blogger!

    • Retro Flame

      15 March

      Hi Mary, thank you so much! Trust me, there is always room for another good-quality blog! Cream always rises to the top xx

  7. Prudence

    15 March

    Wow, congratulations on the new design of your blog and your video! I am sure there will be many more good thing to come in you life for all the hard work you put in…Thanks for sharing!


  8. Joy

    15 March

    Been following you since the early days here in Ireland. So HAPPY for you, 100% deserved. Such a motivational, hard worker. Super excited to see what’s to come x

  9. Amy Lynch

    15 March

    Well done Erika ( and Niamh too! 😊) looks really great , loved the video and looking forward to seeing more X

  10. Bernzo

    15 March

    Hi Erika,
    Well done kiddo. It is great to see how much you are enjoying these challenges.
    You are straightforward, down to earth and hard working.
    Stay focused, stay driven, keep you head on your shoulders, do good things and save as much as possible.
    Wishing you continued success.

  11. Fiona

    15 March

    Love your content and approach. You deserve a lot more recognition. Here’s to your continued success 😊

  12. Lisa

    15 March

    So proud to be Irish.
    Ur true , ur you and ur inspirational

  13. Tasha

    15 March

    Hi Erika

    You are such an inspiration and I love seeing your new photos on Instagram and updates on the blog. I so agree with what you said about why wake up and say ‘I wish I could do this or that’! You’ve inspired me to start my own blog about what I love and I hope you do well in your current ventures 💐

  14. Kelly

    15 March

    Hi Erika,

    I’ve been following your blog, Instagram, and Snapchat for a while now and I just wanted to say Congrats! Though I’m from New York (Long Island), I’ve always wanted to graduate college and live in New York City and you just remind me of that dream everyday… So excited for you and everything to come!


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  16. Grace

    23 March

    You are my life goals!! I’m from Ireland and my dream is to make it in NYC x

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