Brighter Days with Dermalogica – The Charcoa...

Brighter Days with Dermalogica – The Charcoal Rescue Masque you need in your life!




Photos by Christina Emilie

So as you’ve probably seen, things have been a little hectic over here at Retro Flame HQ these last few weeks and for me, with stress ALWAYS comes troublesome skin. So whenever I’m extra busy and don’t have a lot of spare time to have a complicated skincare regime, I always look to a facemask for some help. Enter the new Charcoal Rescue Masque from Dermalogica. I mean, even the name gives me hope. Haha! This is a mask which which delivers a fast-acting ‘pick me up’ and suits all skin conditions. It tackles skin aging, dullness, breakouts and sensitivity – all things that become very obvious in my skin as soon as I don’t get enough sleep or just during the days that I am working around the clock. Dermalogica is a brand which has built up such a fantastic reputation over the past few years, so although I’m often a bit wary to try new skincare brands (due to sensitive skin), I knew I was in very safe hands.


As soon as I put this on my skin, I just knew it was going to make a difference. It’s dark green in colour and after just 2 seconds on your skin, it begins to harden – which made me feel like it was REALLY working. I left it on for about 8 minutes and then lightly massaged it off with wet hands to add to it’s exfoliation benefits. After taking it all off, I just popped on a bit of moisturizer and I already felt a million times better. It’s always the next day when I start to apply my makeup that’s the real test as you really see if it has made a difference then and I can definitely say it did! My foundation glided on SO much nicer.


My skin is always in need of a little detox & refresh after the Winter months here in New York, so I’m looking forward to using this masque very regularly to get my skin in top shape for Spring. I also have a few more of their products to try out, so I’ll be sure to keep you updated on those too. In the meantime, I actually managed to get you guys a discount code incase your skin is in need of a little TLC too! The first 50 readers who use the code ‘ERIKA’ on will get 20% off their purchase. Be sure to let me know on snapchat (retroflame1) if you try it out and I hope you enjoyed this Charocal Rescue Masque review.

Have a lovely week,

  1. Siobhan

    21 March

    Their one of my favourite brands – love a good face mask also. Sounds awesome xx Siobhan

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