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Adidas Superstar’s HERE & HERE

It took me a long long time to decide whether I liked the Adidas Superstar or not (and also whether I was even remotely cool enough to wear them – which I’m probably not but hey who cares) but I finally bit the bullet and got a pair. After living in New York for over a year now, I must admit that my poor feet have already been through enough, so comfort has definitely become a priority. I’m still getting used to wearing them and incorporating them into my style but they’re slowly becoming one of my go-to pair of shoes in my NYC wardrobe. I went for the black and white version (surprise, surprise!) but they also have lots of other colours too. I got mine as a present from my sister, but I had a look online and found two sites where you can still get them – Here & Here.

Hope you’ve all had a nice start to the week!

Stylishly Yours,

Erika x


  1. Siobhan

    2 February

    Love superstars so glad they’re widely availability again ~ yay Siobhan

  2. Michelle Madsen

    2 February

    Love these! Sneakers are definitely a great go to.


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