Weekend Ski Trip at Hunter Mountain

Weekend Ski Trip at Hunter Mountain


Happy Monday everyone! I got back to the city (to mountains of snow) last night after an absolutely amazing weekend ski trip at Hunter Mountain. Hunter Mountain is a Ski Resort in Upstate New York and is only about 2 hours drive from Manhattan. Skiing was something I have always wanted to try (plus it was on my 2016 bucket list) so when the gang here in New York suggested we look into organizing a trip, I was 100% in. One of the main reasons I love New York is because I was lucky enough to find a group of friends who love to travel as much as I do. We’re forever planning our next trip away (we’ve already ticked off Miami, The Hamptons, Cape Cod, Fire Island) and this past weekend was the perfect start to another year of travel together.


We rented a really great cabin for the 8 of us through Air B&B (best invention ever) which was just a 5 minute drive to the Ski Resort. When we weren’t skiing, we were at the house, so I’d definitely recommend booking a nice one (with a fire). We did quite a bit of cooking there and Niamh also brought along some healthy cookies for snacking on. I must admit that the trip actually really snuck up on me in the end and I wasn’t as organized as I had wanted to be. Last week was a busy one and at one stage I even thought about backing out of the trip. But wow, I’m so glad I didn’t! I ended up borrowing most of my ski gear from the girls I work with so it all came together in the end. I also got the BEST stuff in Uniqlo. It was about -10 degrees celsius all weekend, so I honestly don’t think I’ve ever worn so many layers. You 100% need to be completely wrapped up. I stocked up on the the Heattech leggings and long sleeved tops at Uniqlo and honestly couldn’t recommend them enough. They’ll definitely come in handy over the next the next few weeks here in freezing NYC.


So as I mentioned, it was my first time skiing and so I was definitely a little nervous. I’ve always been a sporty person, so I was looking forward to trying something new but skiing is definitely quite the challenge! Some of us decided to get a lesson (100% recommend this if it’s your first time) and as soon as we were shown the basics, we moved from the bunny slopes to some bigger ones. The ski lift was probably the most fun and SCARY part of the whole thing…it literally almost throws you off at the end! The whole experience was really one of those, ‘practice makes perfect’ kind of situations and I can definitely see myself going again sometime soon. The girls (Lorna, Niamh, Michaela & Ciara) also did some snow tubing yesterday and genuinely laughed our whole way through it. It’s good to feel like a kid every now & again!


As always, the weekend flew by but it was definitely another one for the books….and another thing ticked off the list :) Excited to be back in the city again and after getting some news today, things are about to get even more exciting over the next few weeks!

Hope you all had a good one too!


  1. Prudence

    26 January

    It sounds like you have an amazing time on this ski trip and all the pictures are so lovely! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Michelle Madsen

    29 January

    Looks like such a fun time!


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