Why I Love Blogging


Often, I get asked why I love blogging is & if I’m honest, there are a million & one reasons why. The opportunities it brings with it, the creativity & planning, the ways in which I can work with some of my favourite brands…but the most important reason of all is the friends you make from the whole experience. At home in Ireland, I met one of my best friends, Nessa, simply due to the fact that we both had a blog. Of course, there are so many more reasons we get on so well (it’s scary how similar we are) but it’s funny to think that we might not ever have met only for blogging!


When I moved to New York last year, I never imagined that I would make even more best friends through this particular industry. Today, Louise, Lorna & I were featured on USIT (talking about blogging & working in New York) and it really reminded me about how grateful I am that Retro Flame has enabled me to meet such amazing people. Crazy to think that I only know these two girls for less than a year!? Another blogger who I also just met in New York is, Lisa – and again, I couldn’t imagine not knowing her! Us bloggers are a weird bunch – ask our friend, Ciara, my close friends at home and of course, my family, who’ve all been fit to kill me from time to time, haha. It’s absolutely essential to have people who don’t blog in your close circle of friends but it is also nice to have people who understand this crazy industry we’re involved in. The ones who totally understand that nobody starts eating until a million & one food photos are taken, know exactly what’s ‘instagrammable’ and what is most definitely not and 100% understand all the work that goes into the content we create. I will fully admit that not everyone in this industry is supportive, so when you find people who are, you hold on tight. I genuinely am so so grateful to call these girls and so many other great bloggers I’ve met over the past few years, my friends.

Especially when they send on stuff like this. Thanks Louise – still laughing :)


Hope you’re all having a great week!

Stylishly Yours,

Erika x


  1. Mini

    29 July

    Great post as always! I totally agree that when you find supportive bloggers, hold on tightly! Its great to see another Irish woman being successful and forging her own path in the world. X


  2. Elise Xavier

    25 January

    Still looking forward to making some great blogger friends but until then, I really do love blogging anyway. Connecting with readers is an amazing feeling, and having a blog that you can truly be proud of is another reason I absolutely adore blogging.

    Anyway, great post :)

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