Why I love being Irish in New York

Why I love being Irish in New York




Aran Sweater from Sweater Shop Ireland // H&M Leather Trousers (Similar)
Asos Heels // Vintage Belt (Similar) // ROC Sunglasses (Similar)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! It took me a while to decide what type of post I was going to do today but in the end I decided that I wanted to share two things. The first was a (non-green) outfit mixing a quintessential Irish Design with my typical NYC style. I absolutely love combining both whenever I can. What I love about this Aran Sweater is that it’s a little more unusual than the rest. It’s actually a cape that I’ve very easily styled with a vintage belt, which I found here in New York a few Summers ago. The shorter sleeves are perfect for this week’s warmer NYC weather!


“If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, you’re lucky enough.”

They say you only appreciate where you’re from until you’re not there anymore and these past 6 months have 100% proved it. My love for Ireland, it’s fresh air, pretty views….& chocolate has pretty much doubled since I left. Especially the part about the chocolate!  So the second thing I wanted to share were a few of the main reasons I’ve come to absolutely LOVE being Irish in New York…

1. I’ve learned that us Irish are genuinely like magnets. I don’t know how we do it but we just always seem to find each other. It’s safe to say that I’ve made more new Irish friends since I’ve moved to New York than I probably have in the last five years at home!


2. As we’d say at home, we’re undoubtedly a ‘sound bunch’. It’s only when you’re away from home that you realize just how much we look out for each other. The Irish community is New York is extremely tight-knit and as a result, you’ll genuinely never ever be stuck.

3. And finally…it’s definitely not a lie to say that it’s very hard to find people here in America who don’t love us Irish and our accents. I’m pretty sure they don’t understand half the things we are saying (I heard my friend say ‘shake a leg’ to an American friend last weekend and couldn’t help but smile) but it never fails to produce a lot of laughter and often too, a lot of free drinks :)

Wherever you are in the world this St Patrick’s Day, have a fun one!

Stylishly Yours,

Erika x


  1. Prudence Yeo

    17 March

    What a lovely cape style sweater styled with a belt! It looks perfect with the leather pants, awesome!


  2. Ana Tiganasu

    17 March


  3. Grace Denny

    18 March

    I literally think everyone I know that has moved to NYC says the same thing about the Irish being magnets over there. There are a lot of people that actually still hang around with people from home. Haha. Also, you can’t beat a good Aran knit! Love the way you styled it!

    XO, G from grace’d

  4. I once had an Art teacher who was from Ireland, she had an Irish accent and since then I’ve been envious of anyone who has the accent, I’d love to go to Ireland one day! This is a great look, I love the leather trousers!


  5. Brazen Brunette

    18 March

    Love how you styled this outfit for St. Patrick’s day and the sweater looks great paired with the leather leggings. Hope you had a great time celebrating the holiday Erika!

    xoxo Nicole

  6. Pow!

    20 March

    Quite possibly the prettiest and best-styled Aran sweater I have ever seen. <3

  7. Clos

    27 March

    I really love your hair color!! About this look I couldn’t say other that you’re gorgeous! White is your color, and mixed with black it’s the perfect combination for you & your complexion.
    Last thing, now I know Irish people are cool as Italians! ;D

  8. […] lucky enough to be Irish, you’re lucky enough ;) I actually previously wrote a post all about why I love being Irish in New York and I 110% still stand by all my reasons. Moving away from home is never easy and the homesickness […]

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