NYC Favourites: Jack’s Wife Freda

NYC Favourites: Jack’s Wife Freda

Jack's Wife Freda - NYC Favourites - Retro Flame

Jack’s Wife Freda – Soho, New York

Happy Weekend everyone! I’m back today with my first ‘NYC Favourites’ post which is going to be a weekly feature here on Retro Flame (every Friday from here on). You might know that I actually spent two full Summers here in New York, before moving here for a year, but I really feel as if it’s only now I’m beginning to see the ‘real’ New York. I guess it takes a while to get past all the typical touristy spots and begin to find your own hidden gems. Being honest, the best thing about living here is spending time looking for these favourite spots which you can start to call your own. Since I’ve moved back, I’ve discovered the cutest cafes, shops, restaurants, people-watching spots and of course, LOTS of amazing places to satisfy my crazy sweet-tooth (evidence on my @retroflame Instagram **enter hands over monkeys’ eyes emoji**). So I’m excited to share them all with you too. As always, if you ever miss any of my posts from New York, just click on the New York tab under Categories at the top of this page.

Jack's Wife Freda - NYC Favourites - Retro Flame

First up is a cafe/restaurant which I just can’t get enough of called, Jack’s Wife Freda. It’s owned by Husband and Wife, Maya & Dean and named after Dean’s grandparents. Very cute! It’s situated in the heart of Soho and more often than not, there is a queue just to get in. So far, I’ve gone there for brunch & lunch and each time I go there, I fall a little more in love. It’s the mix of the delicious food (the rosewater waffles are amazing), the chilled out atmosphere and the quirky little touches (how cute are the sugar packets?) which make it one of my go-to spots here in New York. Also, this little gem also falls under the good spots for people-watching category. It’s a celeb-favourite too, so you just never know who you might bump into.

Stay tuned for more favourites!

Stylishly Yours,

Erika x


  1. Eea

    22 November

    So cute.

    Eea P

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