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Heaven Skincare - Retro Flame

Heaven Skincare - Retro Flame

This past week in Portugal has been full of late nights & celebrations, so when I came home yesterday, I noticed that my skin definitely needed a little TLC. When I’m tired, my skin really suffers and so I try my best to always give it some extra care after busy times. Last night, I had a little pampering session using my Heaven Skincare products which I am just absolutely obsessed with! I went to bed feeling & smelling like I had just came out of a Spa. As my skin is a little troublesome after being quite sick last year, I’m quite fussy about the products I use and only ever review my very favourites here on Retro Flame.

Heaven is a brand which I’ve just recently become familiar with through Skincare Organics and is definitely a brand which I’ll be using for years to come! It’s a skincare range created by Deborah Mitchell and is used by celebrities such as Dannii Minogue, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and even Kate Middleton! Deborah was Kate’s very own facialist around the time of her wedding, so judging by how amazing she looked on her wedding day…I just had to try some of the products. And needless to say, I was not disappointed. Feel free to have a look at all the amazing media attention this brand has attracted HERE. Below is a look at the different products I’ve tried so far.

Heaven Skincare - Retro Flame

1. Skin Polish Exfoliator
This gentle, non-abrasive exfoliator is such a relaxing product to use. You apply it to cleansed, toned skin and leave it on for 20 seconds. It tingles a little bit but this is normal as it’s a fruit acid. It also contains Echinacea which removes dead cells and toxins and extracts of Aloe Vera which soothe & refresh the skin. After the 20 seconds, you remove it throughly with warm water. See the product here.

2. Bee Venom Mask
After I used the exfoliator, I then went onto apply the famous Bee Venom Mask. This mask is one of Heavens’ star products and it’s easy to see why. It is made using venom from bees and also contains Manuka Honey which is renowned for it’s soothing and healing properties. As well as this, it incorporates Shea Butter, Rose and Lavender. There are two ways to use this product: 1. You can apply it as a mask for 20 mins or 2. you can use it as a daily moisturiser. It encourages the blood flow to the face, the body is fooled into thinking it has been stung and therefore increases collagen, elastin and cortasone to the site of injury, plumping fine lines. I’ve used it both ways now and just absolutely LOVE it. It genuinely makes you feel like you are in a spa! See the product here.

3. SOS Oil
This oil is designed to treat any cries for help your skin may have, including spots, eczema and dry, cracked areas. You can use it as a stand-alone serum directly onto your skin or else you can add a tiny amount to your moisturiser for a softer, more even skin tone. I’m really looking forward to using this throughout the Summer.

Heaven Skincare - Retro Flame

Heaven Skincare available at Skincare Organics

Skincare Organics are the Irish stockists and also provide heaven skincare training for salons here in Ireland. At the moment, the famous bee sting facial is available from Hyde Grooming in Dublin. If any of you girls are salon/spa owners and would like to find out more about the products & training, feel free to get in touch with the lovely ladies over at Skincare Organics on skincareorganics@gmail.com. Heaven are also in the middle of launching brand new packaging which looks amazing, so I’m looking forward to trying out some more products in the very near future.

Today has been a busy one catching up on work after my holiday and also preparing a super exciting giveaway which I’ll be launching tomorrow. So stay tuned!

Hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday,

Stylishly Yours,

Erika x


  1. quickquestion

    26 June

    Could I ask how many ml’s are in your bottles and mask? In terms of product and quantity how long do you think the 15ml will last?

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