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Vintage Lilac Dress (Similar Here) // New look White Heels (Similar Here & Here) // Warehouse Clutch Bag (Similar Here)

“What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with.” – Robert Brault

You more than likely know that last week I was in Portugal for my very good friend, Nessa’s, wedding. It’s hard to believe that I only know Nessa a few years now and that we actually met through our blogs (check out her’s here). We began organising some events together (without even knowing each other) and just immediately clicked. I always love meeting people with really similar interests as it means you can just chat for hours & hours without even realising it. We’re both perfectionists & have very similar opinions on things, so a friendship immediately developed. I can honestly say that Nessa is one of the kindest & most genuine people I know and so as soon as I received the invitation to her & Denis’s wedding -I booked the first flight I could find!

While I was way I shared my wedding outfits on my Instagram (@retroflame) but here are some more details. On the day, I wore vintage. As you can see from the name of my blog, Vintage & Retro pieces are a big favourite of mine and I more often than not tend to wear vintage to big events. I found this particular dress in a vintage store in Edinburgh about two years ago and rediscovered it in my wardrobe when I was looking for something to wear for the wedding. I just absolutely adore the colour and the ladylike shape. I kept my makeup very simple and I accessorised with some of my favourite white pieces.



The day itself was just absolutely breathtaking! The ceremony was held in the cutest little church on a hill, followed by ice-cream looking out on the most amazing view. We then all boarded onto boats where we sipped champagne, before arriving at the most amazing wedding venue I have ever seen. Nessa is the QUEEN of detail, so as you can imagine, there were adorable little touches all throughout the venue. We had mojitos (Nessa’s Favourite) & Whiskey Sours (Denis’s Favourite) while we listened to the absolutely hilarious speeches and then all sat down to the prettiest dinner tables I have ever eaten at. Each of us had a personal note awaiting us at our seat which for me, was one of the highlights of the day. Just too cute!! After dinner, we made our way upstairs to an all-white room where we danced until the very early hours of the morning. This is really just a very brief overview of the day, it’s almost too hard to put it all into words. But just trust me when I say…it was AMAZING! Be sure to keep an eye on Nessa’s Blog for lots of more pictures & details. In the meantime, below are some of the quick iphone snaps I took on the day…


…And the celebrations didn’t end there! The next day, we all got dressed up again and continued the celebrations at a stunning beach club close to where we were staying.


Three Floor Dress // New Look Heels (Similar Here & Here) // Warehouse Sunglasses (Similar Here)


This dress arrived just a few days before I left & I’m just absolutely in love! It’s from a store called Three Floor (Also available on Asos) which I’ve been obsessed with for ages. I like that it’s quite an unusual shape and of course, the colour is perfect for Summer. I also really love these dresses here & here.

We were treated to a BBQ & lots of cocktails and it was so lovely to sit (on very comfy couches) and relax after a busy day before. All of Nessa & Denis’s family and friends were so unbelievably friendly and I honestly didn’t stop laughing all week. Below are some snaps from Day 2…

What can I say, the whole occasion just blew me away and I couldn’t be happier for both Nessa & Denis if I tried. A HUGE thank you to both of them for an absolutely unforgettable week! Roll on the future celebrations :)

Hope you enjoyed my wedding outfits? I also have another holiday post coming up this week, with photos of the other outfits I wore while I was away & also some extra snaps from the trip. Stay tuned!

Hope you’re all having a lovely week,

Stylishly Yours,

Erika x


  1. Niamh

    26 June

    What an amazing day! My brother got married last summer in Nerja, Spain ( to a fellow Kerry girl) and it was just breathtaking! Nx

  2. Your vintage dress is beautiful! And the Three Floors dress is pretty amazing too! It sounds like an incredible few days – I love the coloured glasses on the table x

  3. Grace Denny

    27 June

    Looks like an amazing wedding! Lilac is a great colour on you, especially with your hair colour! :)

    XO, G from grace’d

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  5. Olivia

    14 July

    You have such a lovely figure! Can you maybe do a post on fitness tips or how you stay slim?

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