Cork Fashion Week 2013 & Steal My Style

Cork Fashion Week 2013 & Steal My Style

Erika Fox

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Vintage 1970’s Jumpsuit // Jessica Buurman Clear Clutch (Similar Here) // Vintage Black Velvet Dress // Marc Jacobs Heels

Last weekend, I attended two events which were part of Cork Fashion Week 2013. The first was the Designer show in the Triskel (such a beautiful venue) and the second was, Steal My Style, an event which fellow blogger Nessa Cotter and I organise together. Both events were a huge success and I always love making the trip to Cork.

Both of my outfits actually ended up being vintage. If you follow my blog a lot, you’ll know that I have an obsession with finding good authentic vintage pieces and both of the pieces I wore, in my eyes, are truely that. The navy & gold 1970’s jumpsuit I wore on Saturday night was found this Summer in New York at Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market (my all-time fave). You know when you try something on and you feel as if it was made for you? Well that is exactly what happened with this. Also, may I add that I tried it on in the broad daylight, behind a rail of clothes, with two of my friends covering me! Finding these little gems is not always the most glamorous of tasks -but worth it, nonetheless. It really is the nicest piece I’ve found in a long long time.

My second outfit, which is the black below-the-knee dress that you can see in the photo above, was found in a tiny vintage shop in Edinburugh (which I can’t remember the name of for the life of me!). I’m a sucker for anything velvet and when I saw the tassels at the bottom of the dress, I was, of course, sold right away. In my opinion, you can never go too wrong with a black dress but a lot of the time they can be quite boring. So at least when it’s a vintage one, the story behind it makes it that little bit more endearing. My shoes are Marc Jacobs, which would you believe -were also thrifted! $15 in a thrift store in Manhattan. I still smile thinking about it!

Below are some photos from the weekend, mostly from my Instagram (@retroflame). Hope you enjoyed all my updates!

Cork Fashion Week 2013

As our Steal My Style event was such a great success in Cork, we are now planning 3 more events in different locations around Ireland. We are so so excited! Keep an eye out on our Facebook & Twitter for details about where Steal My Style is off to next.

Have a great weekend!

Stylishly Yours,

Erika x


  1. Niamh

    11 October

    Loving your black vintage dress and Marc Jacobs shoes. Niamh x

  2. Cuti-CLUE-les

    11 October

    Your hair is amazing! Did you do it yourself?

  3. IndieByHeart

    11 October

    You look stunning x

    Love, Satu

  4. Sophie Ruffell

    11 October

    So stunning!
    Love both of the dresses!
    Hope you had fun!

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