New in: Velvet Ankle Boots

New in: Velvet Ankle Boots

Say hello to my new favorite ankle boots! When I arrived at the airport in Edinburgh, I spotted a girl wearing these beauties & fell in love straight away. The next day, I saw them in Zara….on sale & in size 5. Perfection. I looked on the site to see if they still have some left, but unfortunately they must be all sold out at this stage. However, I came across this pair which are quite nice too & seem very reasonable.

Hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday!

Stylishly yours,

Erika x

  1. The Hearabouts

    19 January

    Gorgeous boots! Good purchase!


  2. Nicole

    19 January

    These boots are amazing, i have just brought a new pair of boots of zara :) xx

  3. Hollybean

    19 January

    oh wow those boots are gorgeous! I love black boots so much, I really want a heeled pair but they just make me too tall :(
    Love Holly x

  4. xchristybx

    20 January

    love these! zara have been pretty high in the shoe stakes lately x

  5. Aishling Browne

    20 January

    Those boots are perfect! So lucky that you got them on sale!


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