A sneak peek into….My Wardrobe!

A sneak peek into….My Wardrobe!

Yesterday, the lovely girls over at Prowlster featured my wardrobe on their brand new online magazine (you can check out the feature by clicking HERE). I also took a few extra photos that weren’t included, so I figured why not do a quick blog post. Basically, my wardrobe at home in Kerry is made up of five of those free-standing style wardrobes, which include shelving and shoe space. I have one wardrobe for dresses, one for jackets & jumpers and so on. I created this DIY style wardrobe about 3 years ago & it honestly has made such a difference…I can finally see all my clothes now!
I have quiet the obsession with shoes, so I always want to have them displayed nicely.
I try as much as I can to keep all the heels together and so on. Here’s a look at some of my favourites…
Marc Jacobs (Which I found in an NYC Thrift Store)
I also have a separate section in my room for my jewellery.
It’s something that I seem to never stop buying, so I have invested
in a few cute little jewellery boxes & necklace stands.
My most-worn pieces at the moment….
For the feature on Prowlster, I was asked to photograph a few of my favourite pieces and here they are…
Vintage jacket from The Vintage Set
Vintage Floral dress from ROKIT in London -which I got for £8!
Futuristic Statement Jumper from MINUSEY
When I have my own house (some day) I plan on having a much fancier wardrobe space, but for now this suits me perfectly! I’d love to know what you think?

Also there’s just 2 more days until the StealMyStyle event! I can’t believe it’s so close & I’m so so excited. As I mentioned in my last post, I uploaded an album to our Facebook Page, which shows a small selection of the pieces I will be selling on the night. You can check it out by clicking HERE.

Hope you’re all having a nice week :)

Stylishly yours,

Erika x

  1. Aishling Browne

    27 November

    You have so much clothes!!! And shoes!! Love the futuristic jumper =)


  2. Lucy C

    27 November

    Cannot WAIT to have my own place, have had my ideal wardrobe space planned for years! Love yours

  3. Anon

    27 November

    Your wardrobe is amazing, I’m so jealous! Mine used to be that big . . . (insert obvious joke here)

  4. Sarah

    27 November

    this is such a cool idea for wardrobe space..think I need to do something like this!

  5. Elena

    30 November

    Just found your blog. OMG this wardrobe space is amazing! You have a lot of clothes/accessories! :)

    Lots of kisses, The Spotted Cherry Pie

  6. Sasha

    2 December

    Your wardrobe is frikkin amazing! So many lovely things!! Is it walk in or is this part of your bedroom? Xx

  7. David

    28 January

    I’m going to make something like this, but covering mine in some fancy duct tape. It’ll strengthen the rack and look nice :)
    Treasure Box

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