Hello September!

September is kind of like a 2nd January for me. It’s a fresh start & a chance to begin many new projects. This September is probably my most special to date & I’m not going to lie, I’ve been counting down the days. A lot of exciting things are about to happen – New York Fashion Week (& possibly Paris),  My 21st Birthday, Retro Flame’s 1st anniversary & it also marks the start of my final year in college!

Of course, it also means that we are fully immersed in Autumn, my favorite season (fashion-wise). There are so many things currently on my wish list – a quilted leather jacket, some killer ankle boots, over-sized knits & some statement jewellery…..just to name a few! I have several career/fashion-orientated plans up my sleeve for when I return to Ireland & I’m so excited to share all my ideas with you. New York really has been more than inspirational!

I finally got a chance yesterday to book my flight home, so I’ll be arriving home on Sunday the 16th of September. This means I have 2 more weeks left in NYC & I have a feeling that they are going to be 2 VERY exciting weeks indeed!

So happy September everybody & stay tuned for fashion week posts :)

Stylishly yours,

Erika x

  1. Laura

    1 September

    So happy for you, I say this all the time haha :) New York really sounds amazing and I hope you have the best last 2 weeks! Ah I love Autumn aswell, excuse for more shopping! xx
    Dreams and Dresses

  2. Kate

    2 September

    Sounds like you have great things in store for you!!


  3. Blau von T

    2 September

    keep up the great work!

  4. Saibh Egan

    2 September

    ya see you soon lovely! Will send you pics soon!

  5. jimmi lou

    2 September

    I completely agree about September being like a second January! Hope you have an amazing last two weeks, you’ve achieved more than you probably thought was possible! I’m super excited for the 16th as my brothers wife is due that day!

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