Refinery29 Feature: Closet Curveballs

Watch the video HERE

A few weeks back, I took part in a video shoot for the hugely popular US Website –Refinery29. It was such a nice compliment to be asked to take part & I’m really happy with how it turned out. Refinery29 teamed up with Lily of France to shoot a “Closet Curveballs” video -where I had to model & speak about 3 outfits which I would wear in 3 very different scenarios. I must admit, it’s a little hard to watch myself in this video (I guess you’re always your own biggest critic) but it was such an amazing experience & I got the chance to work with really great and inspiring people. I hope to get the chance to do more of these kind of shoots again in the future, as presenting, etc. is something I would love to gain more experience in. So take a look for yourself by clicking HERE & be sure to let me know what you think!
I mentioned yesterday on my Facebook Page that I was going to be interviewed on Radio Kerry about my NYC experience so far. So the interview was recorded just a few hours ago & it will be aired tomorrow at 2:00pm -if you want to have a listen :)
Hope you’re all having a great week!
Stylishly yours,
Erika x

  1. Ciara O

    23 August

    Well done Erika the video looks great, you came across really well, fair play for doing it!

  2. jimmi lou

    26 August

    Just watched, great video, you were a natural, I would probably be so nervous I wouldn’t get my words out at all!

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