NYC Photo Diary #7

It’s been a pretty busy week so far, so I said I’d tell you all about it in another edition of my ‘Photo Diaries’. I think they’re the easiest way to keep you updated on all my NYC news. Let me know in the comment section below if you are enjoying them? So far this week, I went to an ‘InternQueen’ event, started my styling internship & went for the most amazing indian meal last night to celebrate my mine & Tommy’s anniversary. Take a look at the quick snaps I took….

InternQueen Event

Lauren -The “InternQueen”

Venue -The 404

Venue -The 404

Lauren from Teen Vogue (end of row on right)

Skirt – Vintage
Belt -Vintage
T-shirt – H&M

The event took place at The 404 on 10th avenue on Tuesday night. I got to meet with other NYC interns, receive some advice from speakers from publications such as Teen Vogue & also managed to promote my blog. I could’t believe how busy it was there & how nice everyone was! I wore my new floral vintage skirt…what do you think?

Styling Internhship

Yesterday, I began my internship with stylist, Olivia Jade Horner -who is fashion assistant to Sara Moonvez (Editor of the New York Times “T” Magazine & Freelance Stylist). It was amazing!! I just spent the day doing pick-ups & drop-off’s around the city & even though this is the less glamorous side of styling, I still absolutely loved it. Olivia is such a sweet-heart & I am going to be working as her assistant for the next 2 months. Her & Sara have a lot of shoots lined up for the coming months so it’s going be to busy busy! Olivia also does a lot of model-casting, so I will be assisting her when she is casting girls for fashion week -I cannot wait to see how that side of things works. And the biggest bit of my news is yet to come…..I am going to be an assistant stylist to Olivia & Sara backstage at one of the shows during NY Fashion Week next month!! You have no idea how much I am looking forward to the next 2 months. As always, I’ll keep you updated :)
 Anniversary Dinner at the Junoon NY

I have found my favorite NY restaurant –The Junoon NYC. It’s an indian restaurant in Chelsea & honestly, if you are ever in NY & you like indian food, it’s a must! We had such a lovely night there :)

Dress – Topshop
Blue Kimono –
I can’t actually believe it’s the weekend again tomorrow…where is the time going!? I’ve booked my flight home to Ireland for Sept 23rd (a date I never want to come) so I have 7/8 more weeks to enjoy NYC. If anyone has any more recommendations for things to do here, I’d love to hear them?
Hope you’ve had a lovely week !
Stylishly yours,
Erika x

  1. xchristybx

    2 August

    I’m ridiculously jealous of you right now, you’re just having the best time!
    I’d love to hear more of your fave places to eat etc as I’ll be coming over in 3 weeks time! Excited is not the word! xxx

  2. Wow amazing photos, sounds like you are having a fab time and hope you have more fun to come :)


  3. Kate Wyver

    4 August

    It sounds amazing and your vintage skirt is beautiful!

  4. jimmi lou

    5 August

    So great to see how well you are getting on! I love Indian food too so will have to take note of that one!

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