Outfit Post: Mint Green & Polka Dots

Outfit Post: Mint Green & Polka Dots

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Skirt: Breshka
Shirt: Swamp
Shoes: Miss Selfridge (Sale)
Socks: Topshop
Chains: Primark

Ok I definitely shouldn’t be blogging today as I have way too much studying to be doing, but I really needed something to brighten up this very tedious Monday. This is outfit number 3 from my Sunday World Feature -it incorporates a few of the newer pieces in my wardrobe at the moment. I mentioned some of these items in a previous post after a little shopping trip I had in Dublin. The skirt is from Bershka & it’s just the cutest. It’s one of those skirts that you can dress up & dress down…& the colour is adorable. The polka dot shirt is from the sale section in Swamp & I got it a few months back. I know Swamp kind of has a bad name here in Ireland & some of my friends would’t even go in there! I do think that the full price items in there are way too expensive for what they are, but I have to admit that from time to time, I find really nice bits in the sale section in the store here in Galway. This shirt was only like €10, such good value for something which is a really handy piece to have in your wardrobe. So give it a visit the next time you have some time & be sure to let me know if you come across anything. 
Now onto the shoes….. I am BEYOND happy with these babies. I mentioned before that I got them in Miss Selfridge on sale for something like €30 ! I just love the style of them & there’s a little bit of fur on the very front of them which I adore…..& if course, they’re really high. I just can’t wear heels that aren’t “proper heels” -it’s just cheating ! The peace & gold chains are just from Primark, I wanted to add a bit of bling because the skirt is so girly. Once again, all the images were taken by the lovely Saibh Egan & are fab as always <3 So what do you think?
I’ve actually ended up writing way more than I had planned, so it’s definitely time to get back to some study now :( My exams begin tomorrow & then I finish next Wednesday -I’m just praying it will be the fastest week of my life ! I have SO much planned for this blog once I finish, so there’ll be some really exciting things coming up once these terrible exams are over :)
Hope you’re Monday has been more exciting that mine !
Stylishly yours,
Erika x

  1. Wadziie

    23 April

    omg i love your skirt
    its freakin cute ♥

  2. Swamp have had really nice boyfriend blazers in the past:)
    Those shoes are gorgeous!
    good luck with exams <3

    • Erika Fox

      29 April

      Yeah so true ! Thanks hun, hope your exams are going well too xx

  3. Sinead x

    23 April

    Love the shirt, defo going to hunt it down x

  4. Saibh Egan

    23 April

    My fav! <3

  5. Nicola

    23 April

    I love the shoes, and the skirt really brightens up the whole outfit! Gorgeous as always and good luck with your exams! Know how you feel, i should be studying right now…

    • Erika Fox

      29 April

      ha I know studying is far from easy :( Thanks Nicola xx

  6. Nathalia

    23 April

    What a lovely skirt!
    I really like your shoes.

  7. meg lea

    23 April

    Love the clash of colours and those shoes! <3

  8. Sophianne

    23 April

    love this outfit :) its fab! gorgeous skirt perfect for spring and the shoes <3
    good luck in your exams x

  9. Georgia

    23 April

    ohhh i loooove this skirt!

  10. Hannah

    23 April

    Really cute look, love the patterned matched with mint green xx

  11. Love this! Love the skirt!

  12. Such a cute skirt :> Really lovely look, and cool heels x

    – Satu
    Indie by heart

  13. SpRoGgA

    23 April

    You always look so amazing!! I adore your style!! You have such a good eye for fashion!! Love your blog!! xXx

  14. jimmi lou

    24 April

    Really cute outfit, love the Miss Selfridge shoes! Good luck with your exams too!

    joanne from

  15. lou and una

    24 April

    so so cuuute!!!

  16. Olivia

    25 April

    That skirt is very cute, I love the shoes!

  17. Love those shoes! you look fab xx

  18. Livi

    3 May

    Gorgeous skirt and shoes; need them in my life.


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