Outfit post: Flower Child

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Dress: Topshop
Glasses: Filthy Magic
Headband: Camden Market
Boots: Primark/Penneys
Here’s an outfit post I did yesterday while I was at home in Kerry. It was such a lovely day down there…really cold but sunny & it was obvious that Spring was on it’s way. So I said I might as well dress for the occasion…why not, eh? I bought this dress last Summer in Topshop in London & yesterday was actually my first time wearing it. The colour of it really is perfect for the coming trends we are about to see & I love the flow of it. You’ve seen the glasses in a previous post….I’m OBSESSED ! I honest to God would wear them 24/7 if I could, but I think I’d get some funny looks around college, so for the moment I just save them for outfit posts. Last summer, floral headbands were a huge trend…but I have a feeling we are going to see them even more in the coming months -I’m delighted ! I’m loving the over-sized ones too (Lana Del Ray style), so I’m on the search for one of them at the moment. If anyone knows where I can get a cool one…please let me know :)

So have a great week guys & sure at least we have Monday nearly over with now !

Stylishly yours,

Erika x

  1. Saibh Egan

    30 January

    five stars as usual xx

  2. Carolina Santos

    30 January

    so lovely! awesome glasses and dress, and that headband makes you look so magic!


  3. Leanne Woodfull

    30 January

    Love this, the photography is fantastic!

    • Erika Fox

      30 January

      Thanks Leanne..I recently got a new SLR -love it !

  4. Sophie

    30 January

    Adore this dress, I have it in orange! Such a lovely length, really into midis!

    • Erika Fox

      30 January

      I know, loving midis at the moment :)

      Erika xx

  5. Kat

    30 January

    Love the green, prettiful with your hair!

    • Erika Fox

      30 January

      Thanks hun, green is one of my fave colours to wear xx

  6. One word STUNNING xoxo

    • Erika Fox

      30 January

      Awh you’re so sweet, thanks a million xx

  7. Lydia

    30 January

    ah I love everything about this! makes me want warmer weather to hurry up haha. x

  8. Cathy

    30 January

    You have such an unique style. (:

  9. i totally am in love with those sunglasses too! and i say go for it and wear them at school!
    that color is so pretty on you!

    xoxo katlin

    • Erika Fox

      31 January

      Ha maybe now when the weather starts getting better here in Ireland :)
      Thanks hun xx

  10. jimmi lou

    31 January

    You look so pretty! Its almost like a pastel neon, like how your killing two trends at once!

    • Erika Fox

      31 January

      I know, it’s a really cool dress :)
      Thanks jimmy xx

  11. Lilac Fashion

    31 January

    lovely pastel shade dress!

  12. zanzapan

    31 January

    lovely hair, and great outfit as always! x

  13. @pandora

    31 January

    seriously..sleeveless???what season do you have in ireland?????because in greece is winter:P p.s:beautiful outfit!

    • Erika Fox

      3 February

      Ha ha…believe it or not it wasn’t actually too cold that day :)
      I’m just not patient enough to wait for the summer !

  14. You are sooo beautiful and look sooo romantic. I am your old follower, thanks for following me back.


    • Erika Fox

      3 February

      Awh thank you hun..love your blog too ! xx

  15. Whit

    1 February

    Hey! Great outfit! If you’re still looking for more floral head pieces, I follow this blog by a girl named Kani and she makes some really nice ones! Check her out here: http://WWW.KISFORKANI.COM


  16. I love this outfit. That dress is such a beautiful colour.


  17. meg lea

    1 February

    followed you, you’re fab xo

  18. Shakira

    2 February

    this outfit is beautiful I’ve just been browsing your blog and your style is literally faultless!
    http://welcometoshakirasworld.blogspot.com/ xxx

  19. SewChrissy

    4 February

    I love those sunglasses and your hair is so pretty!!

  20. MegTurner

    5 February

    LOVE your blog, your style is impeccable :)


  21. Ruby-May

    5 February

    I love the colour of the dress! A M A Z I N G xx

  22. marietales

    6 February

    great dress!!!

  23. Nadine Jasmine

    7 February

    Loooooooooooove your hair! and the dress too!

    xxx jasmine

  24. This is amazing!
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, hope you keep following!
    You’ve got a follower back :)
    Love you’re headband & you’re hair against the colour of that dress.
    Such a babe. ♥

  25. Chantelle Thomas

    10 February

    Your glasses are so amazing! I was searching for some similar last summer and couldn’t find them anywhere. Love the colour of your dress x x

  26. Kate

    12 February

    Gorgeous outfit, I absolutely love your style :) x

  27. koko mo

    23 February

    great outfit, these pictures are gorgeous! and you have such pretty hair! those sunglasses are awesome, and you can actually pull them off, unlike myself. i love your style, great post!

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