My Vintage Hat Collection

As everyone knows, all things “vintage” have become extremely popular in recent times. Anyone who knows me will know that for a long time now I’ve had a weak spot for anything from the past. I guess I got into vintage when I became sick of seeing everyone have the same clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. from your typical high-street store & quite frankly, I just wanted something a little different. I love vintage items of course, because of their originality but more for the fact that I love the idea of wearing something with a story behind it. I really can’t think of anything more interesting to be very honest.
My hat collection so far. Not bad, eh? :)
Unfortunately, last week one of my family members passed away -an elderly woman who was 96 years old. 96 imagine? What an achievement to make it to an age like that. I’ve worked in the business that she owned and ran for many years & genuinely have such admiration for her & for her daughter, Maire. She had a wonderful sense of style & I really can’t begin to describe how delighted I was when I was given one of her amazing vintage hats. Wow! It was a hat which she wore to her daughters wedding many years ago & now I have the honor of having it. It is something which you cannot put a price on -something with a story behind it & a hat that I will keep forever. Below are some pics…
As well as this, I also received 2 more equally amazing hats from a friend of my mother. Again, there is a story behind each of these & I cannot wait to find an excuse to wear them !
Before I received any of the hats you’ve just seen, I did make a purchase of one from a local vintage shop located in Killarney called Retro Rose Bazaar. It genuinely is very beautiful. I wore it during the summer to Ladies Day at the very popular Galway Races & can’t wait to get a chance to wear it again.

Tommy & I at the Galway Races :)
I’d been wanting to do this post for quiet a while now & I really hope you enjoyed it :) I’m hoping to do another one soon featuring other vintage pieces I’ve picked up in the last few years…clothes, accessories, bags & shoes. So be sure to let me know if you’d like to see that?

Enjoy your Sunday !

Stylishly yours,

Erika x

  1. About Dave

    15 January

    Great collection Erika! did you take the photos with the new camera? if so stunning shots, and well done girl! What lens are u using on the camera?

    best regards

  2. Emma C

    15 January

    Would love to see more of your vintage pieces! those hats are amazing!!!You have a great collection!Adore your outfit for the races, so pretty! x

  3. gorgeous! xx

  4. gorgeous! xx

  5. gorgeous! xx

  6. gorgeous! xx

  7. Zoë

    15 January

    I love the fact that you wear them out and about, giving them a lease of new life!

  8. badBarbara

    15 January

    These hats all RULE! You are so lucky! Also, the outfit you put together with the gloves is perfect…absolutely perfect :)

  9. Saibh Egan

    15 January

    another brilliant post pet! I love the hats and you wear them so so well! Hate dont like me. xx

  10. soffie hicks

    15 January

    Gorgeous hats, I love your outfit in the last photos, the gloves really make it pop! x

  11. Denise

    15 January

    Your races outfit is beautiful! I’m just not a hat person, but they look great on you!

  12. Jane Quigley

    15 January

    Apologies on the passing of your family member – 96 is a whopper of an age though. She must have been one great lady. And stylish too by the looks it! Love the purple/navy colouring of the hat. Too few hats nowadays have mesh veils and I just think that they are the most elegant things ever.
    Adore the hat and gloves combination too! Very Eliza Doolittle. Fabulous outfit for the races!
    Cheers for follow!



    15 January

    great hat collection!!!! and your outfit is stunning

  14. connie l.

    15 January

    As I was going through the photos of your vintage hats, I was thinking “how can you wear these?” and then I saw your photo and I’m so inspired! You can really pull them off! Are there a lot of places in Ireland that you can wear those hats to? I live in Canada so the fashion here is very different!

  15. Cathy

    16 January

    I absolutely love the outfit you put together at the bottom, it’s so lady-like and adorable!

  16. jimmi lou

    16 January

    Your outfit from the races is just fab!

  17. Sinéad

    16 January

    Gorgeous post!
    Loving your races outfit too…the green gloves, drool!

  18. Jasmine-Alexa

    16 January

    Stunning! as always x

  19. Red

    16 January

    Sorry about your relative. 96 is a great age though.

    I’m weak for those hats especially the white and blue boater!

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