Outfit Post #1

Hello again everyone,

Since beginning my blog, it might be quite the understatement to say that I’ve been a little slow to get going. But after a long and inspiring chat from a very cool friend of mine….I’m back and I’m here to stay! Sometimes, we all need that little push, eh? So here is the first of many many outfit posts I will be sharing with you all….

Here in Ireland at the moment, there are leaves absolutely everywhere, so apart from all the wind & rain…the scenery is pretty damn cool right now. As I was driving home from university today, I quickly stopped in a beautiful town called Adare (Co.Limerick) to take a few snaps of what I was wearing.

Detailed, sequined & embellished collars are a favourite of mine at the moment, so I was delighted when I found this little jewel in New Look. Paired with denim shorts that I attacked with a scissors a few days ago, a beautiful black faux fur coat I found in Forever 21 (for a grand total of 9 euro!!) and these amazing pair of studded boots…this cheap but chic little outfit was created :)

Hope you all like it as much as I do :)

Stylishly yours,
Erika xx

  1. Ellie

    5 December

    Thank you for your comment! :)
    I’m so into sequins right now and that collar is the perfect touch! You also have a fabulous hair and high bun!
    Now following you as well! Sometimes i need that little push as well :)


  2. KH

    19 December

    Nice outfit ;)
    And I love your boots.want!!!

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