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  1. Alan

    11 January

    Hey Erika,

    First off I know nothing about fashion! I stumbled upon your youtube channel by searching for NYC apartment decorating tips (I don’t live in NYC, LA for me, but my girlfriend and I are toying with the possibility of moving there in the not to soon future!). I think your video was the 4th one I watched. Ever since then I have watched almost all your videos! I guess I’m a fan now. Anyway I do short films and write scripts, I’m not here to ask for anything, I’m here to say thank you. You have actually inspired me to do more in that field this year. Seeing how hard you work on Retro Flame and how long it has taken you to build this up is awesome. Other than movie and sports stuff on youtube, your channel is one I watch constantly and get notifications on. My goal is to get my career in that category. That is my goal for this year. Anyway, thanks for reading this email and I look forward to all of your videos in 2017. Oh and I’m so jealous watching your vlogmas videos. My cousin lives in NYC and I envy her! HAHAHA Thanks Erika

  2. Tori

    13 March

    Hi Erika, I recently started a blog and I wrote a post on why you are my blogging idol it would mean the world to me if you checked it out! Thank you ~ Tori xx dreams-and-schemes.blogspot.ie/2017/03/mblogging-idol-and-motivator-erika-fox.html?m=1

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