5 Ways To Save Money Right Now

Hey everyone and happy Tuesday! I hope you’ve all had a nice start to the week. It was a long weekend here in the states and for the first time in a while things felt a little normal which was lovely :) I’m back with a new post today and this time it’s all about saving money. With all of the uncertainty right now it’s been a very hard financial time for many so I wanted to share some tips on how you can save (& make) some extra cash right now. I’ve practiced all of these in the past few weeks and I truly think they made a big difference so hopefully they can for you too.


This is my number one tip for making some extra money, always. You would be so surprised at the amount you can make from selling things you never use that are lying around your home – especially in your wardrobe. It also feels so great to give something in perfect condition, that you have just grown out of, a new home. For bigger home furnishings I love to use Facebook market and for clothes/accessories I use apps like Mercari & Vestiaire Collective.


I think this is something we all dread doing but I promise you it is definitely worth while. I did this last week and it really opened my eyes to some of the silly ways I’d been spending money. If you are like me and and always use your card you can easily loose the run of yourself and overspend. So take the time to go through everything and write down where your money is going. It will make you a lot more conscious which in turn will stop you spending as much.


There is no better time than now to detox your life and that includes your subscriptions. I am so guilty of signing up to 30 day free trials and forgetting to cancel them. So when I did this I was shocked at how much I was paying for apps and different platforms that I wasn’t even using. It is so easy to cancel them and only takes a couple of minutes – do it now! If you don’t know to just google it and it will give you the steps.


While we are on the topic of subscriptions – there are a few that I love and use all the time so what I like to do with them is share the cost with friends. For example I pay for Amazon Prime and Kaelin pays for Netflix and we just share them both. It’s such a smart way to save money and enjoy your subscriptions guilt free.


And last but not least, examine what you already have. By this I mean actually look through all of your things before buying new stuff. Things like your clothes, skincare, accessories, home furnishings etc. You will often find things you forgot you even had which will stop you from buying things you don’t need. I also think up-styling your pieces is such a great idea. For example, instead of buying new denim shorts cut an old pair of jeans. There are so many other ways you can make what you already have work too if you try! You always can find lots of tutorials on YouTube.

I really hope these tips help you and inspire you to save money! This was a really fun post for me to put together so let me know if you would like more of these or if you would like me to expand on any of the tips I shared.

Chat soon,

x Erika


  1. Gianna

    27 May

    Desperately need to sell some clothes I haven’t worn in a while but haven’t heard of Mercari & Vestiaire Collective before! Will definitely look into these. Thanks!!

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