Things I’ve Bought During Quarantine

Things I’ve Bought During Quarantine


Hey guys – I hope you are all hanging in there and having a nice week. Quarantine has definitely driven a lot of us to do some online browsing. And although I am trying to limit my spending and not buy anything I don’t need, I have made a few purchases. So today I’m going to share my quarantine buys with you. They have mostly been practical and not too exciting but I always love to see what other people are buying so hopefully you will enjoy :)

Champion Hoodie –  I can’t remember the last time I bought a hoodie but I love this one and it’s been really easy to style for working from home.

Naadam Lounge Set – this is one of the softest lounge sets I’ve worn and I love the colour. I”m so happy with this investment!

Nike Socks – during one of my many quarantine clear outs I realized my sock drawer needed an update so I bought these on Urban Outfitters and love them. The quality is so good!

Yoga Mat – as soon as we had to start doing our work outs at home I ordered this yoga mat off Amazon. It’s been super handy to have and the price is great too!

French Press Coffee Maker – I’m in the middle of ordering a new coffee machine so for the meantime I ordered this french press after seeing a few people online make their morning coffee with one. I can’t wait to start using it.

The One Thing – This is the book I’ve been reading all throughout quarantine and I am hooked. It has helped me see things in a whole new light. I’m actually really grateful to have some extra time for reading right now.

Silk Blouse – I recently showed you this new silk blouse in this YT video. I’ve been wearing it for any Skype meetings I’ve has and even wore it for my Six O Clock show segment last week if you saw. It’s such a beautiful piece!

Blush Cardigan – and lastly this cosy cardigan has been one of my most worn pieces while at home. Again I love the colour and I’ll get lots of wear out of it in the Summer too hopefully.

I hope you enjoyed this little round up and I’ll chat to you all again next week!

Take care,

x Erika


  1. online shopping during quarantine is my most favorite activity lol!

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