6 Pricey Beauty Products Worth The Spend

6 Pricey Beauty Products Worth The Spend

Hey everyone and welcome back to another week of quarantine content. Over the past few weeks I’ve been sharing some more beauty recommendations over on my IG stories. I’ve been getting a really good response to them so today I thought I would focus today’s post on the topic. Thanks to my job and my love of beauty/skincare/hair etc. I’ve had the chance to try quite a few products over the past few years. Including some pricier options. So today I thought I would zone in on the pricey products that have actually worked for me. and are worth the spend, in my opinion. I’m pretty fussy with the products I use so I promise that all the products I’m recommending below are ones that I truly love and use all the time.


This serum is definitely not cheap but it is amazing! It is so hydrating and I truly believe it has transformed my skin. Skinceuticals is a brand I fully trust as all of their products have science behind them. While also including the very best ingredients. I’ve tried quite a few hylaronic acid serums but this one will always be my favourite.


You may have seen me chatting about this product over on my IG stories last week. It’s a product I’ve been using for a few months and I can’t imagine my hair care routine without it now. I like to use it after I wash my hair just before I blow dry it. It not only helps my hair to dry so much quicker, it really improves the texture. In the past I have found my day one hair hard to style and this has helped so much. I also love to use the Gisou oil after I style my hair.


I’ve definitely talked about this mask on here many times before. I’m a big fan of a lot of Kerastase products but this mask is definitely my favourite one. I try to do this once a week/every 10 days or so and it’s so so hydrating. My hair always feel so strong and smooth after I use it. Definitely worth the spend if your hair needs a little TLC.


Another product that I’ve showed you all quite a bit and also probably the product I get most questions about. I bought this bronzer last Summer after Kaelin recommended it to me. It was a bit of a splurge but I have used it SO much since. Beware, I did find it daunting at the start but once you get used to applying it, it’s very easy to use. I would recommend using a dense brush to apply it.


This is also a product I discovered last year. I’ve always loved removing my makeup with a balm but was yet to find one that didn’t break me out and removed everything completely. That was until I used this Emma Hardie one. I cannot live without this product now and have repurchases it so many times. It makes taking off my makeup so much easier and I think it has improved my skin too. Another product that is worth the money in my opinion.


And last but not least I could not leave out my very loved Laura Mercier Powder. This stuff is amazing! It sets my makeup so flawlessly and honestly makes it last so much longer. It’s been a game changer and is definitely worth the price tag in my opinions. It lasts forever too!



I hope you enjoyed this post and got some recommendations. I’ve tried and tested all of these products and absolutely love using them.

Have a good evening & chat soon,

x Erika


  1. Nothing like a good quality acid for an extra umph in your skincare!

    Michelle x

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