10 Ways To Practice Self Care At Home

10 Ways To Practice Self Care At Home

Hey everyone – I hope you’ve all had a nice start to your week! At this stage it feels like we are all beginning to settle in to our new norm in one way or another. Thats the impression I’m getting from speaking to some of you online anyway. For me I think every week brings new challenges. Last week I definitely felt less productive. After giving it some thought I think it was because I found it harder to switch off and therefore lost focus half way through the week. I think when you are at home all the time it can actually be harder to take time off for yourself as there is ALWAYS something you can be doing. That’s why this week I have made a schedule for myself and in that schedule I have included self-care time. Self-care is definitely a buzzword that is even more popular right now but I honestly think it’s so important. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed with everything going on right now so it’s necessary to schedule time for you. I know that small ‘self-care’ practices that I have been doing have helped me so much. So, I wanted to share them with you in the hope that they can help you too.

  1. Unplug yourself  – Designate time to unplug from your phone & laptop. This may sound like a weird one to some of you but taking a break from social media and all the news on there can really help your mind to rest. Instead grab a book, I’m currently reading this one and enjoying it so much.

  2. Get Enough Sleep – I was just saying to Tommy over the weekend that I felt so tired and couldn’t understand why. I think it’s down to being a bit mentally exhausted. Taking everything in and changing our whole routines was bound to take a toll on us. If you are having trouble sleeping this pillow spray might help or Kaelin also swears by these supplements.

  3. Take A Long Hot Shower – So simple but it works wonders if you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious. If you want to make a real treat and give a          little spa feel to it I recommend trying this OLAY bodywash and this Moroccan Oil hair mask while you’re at it.

  4. Give Your Self A DIY Mani/Pedi – With all of the salons closed we don’t have much of a choice here but it’s so worth it for a little boost. Having my nails and toes done always makes me feel better. I love this nude shade and I also found these manicure & pedicure sets if you need them.

  5. Take A Coffee Break – The thing I look forward to most on my days at home is my coffee breaks. There’s something so so nice about them even if they are only 5/10 minutes. It’s the perfect little excuse a for a me time moment. I think i’ve finally mastered my iced coffee at home too (I showed how I make it in this VLOG)

  6. Look After Your Skin – One huge positive from this situation is that we have time to give our skin a break and really look after it. I’ve been trying to minimize wearing makeup as much as possible and giving a mini facials once a week. Some of my favourite skincare products right now include this Kiehls mask, Emma Hardie Oil, Skinceuticals serum and Laneige lip mask

  7. Self Tan – Sticking to the skin self care I’ve been doing tan at least once a week and it’s made me feel SO much better. At first it felt silly putting it on for no apparent reason but I’m so glad I didn’t let it stop me. I’ve been applying my Bperfect Strawberry Mouse weekly as usual and it’s actually been really nice to keep one part of my usual routine in tact.

  8. Bake some healthy treats – It’s very tempting to constantly snack right now so over the weekend Tommy and I baked healthier options. It was a really nice way to pass some time on Saturday and I feel much better knowing I have some guilt free options in the fridge this week. I followed a random recipe online but I spotted this superfood snacks cookbook if you need some ideas.

  9. Document Your Accomplishments – At the end of each day write down in your daily planner something you did that day that you are happy with or proud of. It doesn’t have to be a big thing but it will make you feel better to acknowledge your successes. This is the planner I use on a daily basis.

  10. Get Moving – Obviously it’s a little more challenging to get a workout in these days if you don’t have access to a gym or classes but it’s definitely no excuse. We can still get out for a walk thankfully, even if only for 15 minutes. My daily walks have done wonders for me – I really am so grateful for them. Tracking my steps on my fitbit has also helped me stay accountable through all of this.


I’ve also linked a bunch of things below to help you master self care. Obviously you don’t need to buy anything to look after yourself mentally but a treat never hurts.



I really hope you enjoyed this post :)

Take care & chat soon,

x Erika


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