The Ultimate Quarantine Survival Guide

The Ultimate Quarantine Survival Guide

Hi everyone! I hope you are all hanging in there and keeping well. We are about a week into quarantining ourselves here in NYC and although it’s been tough I wanted to share some ways I’ve been managing. Now, more than ever, your mindset is SO important. Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it – always remember that. You have to keep positive and take whatever good you can from this situation. Think of this time as a way to pause and do all those things you never have time to do. Use it to better yourself so when it’s over you will be ready to get back to normality a better version of yourself. Here are ten productive things you can do during this time to make the most out of it.

1. Work out. I’ve been trying to do some sort of workout at home every day and although it’s not easy I’m grateful for them as they definitely make me feel better. I also think getting into this good routine now may benefit me when things are back to normal as I will feel more comfortable.

2. Read more. We all have that pile of books in a corner that we never get around to reading. Well now is the time! I just ordered this book and this book from amazon to add to my list and I’m so excited to get back to this hobby I used to love.

3. De-clutter. And by that I mean seriously de-clutter – no drawer or corner to safe kinda de-cluttering. Be ruthless. Nothing is more satisfying than getting rid of things you don’t need and this really is the perfect time to dive into it.

4. Embrace cooking/baking at home. Cooking is definitely not my favourite thing to do in the world but I’m going to use this time to try and improve on it. It’s the perfect opportunity to come up with some new dinner ideas and healthy snack options.

5. Catch up with friends & family. Nowadays it is so hard to keep in touch with everyone especially if you live abroad so why not use this time to put in an extra effort. Definitely a huge positive from the situation.

6.  Organise your laptop & hard drive. This is something that I always have on my list and never get around to. Whether it’s photo/videos you need to categorize or work files. Why not get to it now while you are bored on the couch some evening.

7. Get in some self care. You know all those face & hairs masks stored under your sink – use them! It’s the perfect time to pop on a mask while you are working from home.

8. Do your seasonal wardrobe switch over. I know it’s very uncertain times and we don’t know exactly when we will be able to use all of our Spring/Summer clothes but you might as well be ready for it when the time comes around. Clear out your clothes and get some bags ready for charity. They will need them more than ever after all of this.

9. Throw out all your expired products. Whether it’s food in your kitchen or makeup you’ve had for a little too long. Definitely a task that gets out on the back burner.

10. Give your space a re-fresh. We all have an area in our home that feels unfinished and theres no time like now to complete it. Whether it is re-arranging some furniture.

On tops of the tips I also wanted to share some loungewear and skincare options below if you are in need of some supplies for the next while. I’m living in loungewear right now like everyone else I’m sure. it’s important to feel comfortable when working from home so but also put together so I’ve shared some great options below. This set from H&M looks so good and it’s currently on sale. I also love this beige fleece. These joggers are on sale too and come in 4 colours. As for skincare I wanted to share some masks you could use including this Emma Hardie one which I personally love. I’ve also been using this Kiehls hand cream constantly as my hands are so dry from washing them. I’ve also been applying my Bperfect tan as always to give my self a little boost. It’s crazy how such a small thing makes me feel so much better.



I hope you enjoyed this post and took something positive from it. We really are all in this together and I want to be as helpful with my content as possible. Yesterday I also shared a video with some tips for working from home. You can watch it HERE.

Stay safe,

x Erika


  1. Gata Collins

    20 March

    Love the tips! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great tips! Especially reading all those books in the corner. Just dusted off some of the classics and plan to finally read them.

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